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Candidates Robert J. Sullivan and Matt Matey respond

The Times offers candidates not recommended by the editorial board an opportunity to respond. Here are some of the responses to recommendations for the Aug. 26 primary races.

Robert J. Sullivan

Republican candidate,

Pasco sheriff

I would like to thank the Times staff for allowing me the opportunity to participate in their candidate recommendation process.

Although I am disappointed with your recommendation, it does an excellent job of reminding Pasco County voters of the many management and budgetary mistakes Bob White has made during his tenure.

I respectfully disagree with your statement "There is evidence the sheriff finally gets it.'' What you cite as evidence, I see as election-year politics. Wasn't it just a few month ago after endorsing it, White stated the effect of Amendment 1 needed to stop at his door? That doesn't sound like the words of a sheriff who finally gets it.

It appears as if you are asking voters to give Bob White four more years and hope that he doesn't continue to fail. I ask the citizens to give me four years to provide the professional law enforcement services they deserve.

Dr. Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D., a professor of management, coined "The Greatest Management Principle,'' which is: The behavior which is rewarded is that which is repeated. With that principle in mind, I will encourage the citizens of Pasco County to review Bob White's record and actions over the last eight years. If he is rewarded with another four years, then you can expect more of the same budgetary mistakes and bad management.

I agree the agency does not need to reinvent the wheel, just change the flat tire.

Matt Matey

Republican candidate,

Pasco Commission, District 3

The Times' articles about and recommendations of candidates in Pasco County races lead me to believe that, in order to receive less than negative coverage (or any coverage at all) one must attack and belittle the opponent.

The issue of double-dipping is a thorn in the side of many residents. I know because while on the trail, most voters I speak to feel it's a problem. Voters also tell me "I've never met a county commissioner" or "It's the first time a county commissioner candidate has actually approached me personally asking for my vote and introducing themselves." That doesn't say much for all the touting of experience and community involvement, does it?

Factually, Mrs. Hildebrand has broken no law by taking advantage of the DROP program, therefore, I've chosen not to make it a campaign issue. She has broken a promise, though. In 2000, she exercised her option to participate in the DROP program. She retired in 2005, saying it would be her last term. It's 2008 and she's seeking her seventh term.

Your reporter has repeatedly referred to me as "a political novice" and a "laid-off electrician" which implies my unemployment is my reason for seeking the position. Let's be clear. I was not laid off when I entered this campaign. And, I'll take the "political novice" as a compliment, since the position of county commissioner is one of public service — not one of which to make a career.

It seems somewhere along the line, someone has forgotten the county is not five people sitting behind desks. It's not a building sitting out in Dade City or on Little Road. The county is owned by the people, and we better not forget it.

I am proud to have been an electrician for more than a decade. I brought lots of power to the people. As county commissioner, I'll continue to do the same.

Candidates Robert J. Sullivan and Matt Matey respond 08/20/08 [Last modified: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 6:21pm]
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