Thursday, January 18, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Car impound people are being unreasonable

First a heart attack, then the real pain | May 16 Bill Stevens column

Impound folks are unreasonable

I think this is awful, but also typical. I'm sure the impound people could have checked and found out the situation, and made an exception under the circumstances.

I'm sure the sign was meant for people who would use this lot as a place to park vehicles for the wrong reason. I'm sure that when driving while having a heart attack, one doesn't have the time to find a space labeled "parking for heart attack victims."

Let's be real. Return the money.

Robert Petrosky, Spring Hill

Memorial cross theft inflicts pain | May 10 C.T. Bowen column

Take memorials off the roads

I am against the erection of roadside memorials. Although I realize those who place them on street corners and other accident sites are well intentioned, I feel it would be much more appropriate for them to set up the memorials on their own property.

These structures are an eyesore for most of those driving past. Could you image the clutter throughout the county and state if all of them were left in place? It would make the area more appealing if county workers were instructed to remove them all.

Robert Montgomery, Port Richey

Clothing style linked to obesity

One simple beginning answer to the complex problem of obesity and education may be to change the clothing style of today.

Casualness of dress leads to the same attitude toward daily living.

Mary Joyce, Spring Hill

Elderly deserve love and respect

Dr. Rao Musunuru's May 3 guest column regarding the elderly's influence in our culture was right on target. Their dedication and love are blessings to the children and their parents.

The many civil and charitable organizations mentioned, that cater to the elderly, is a testimonial to the respect seniors have earned. Incidentally, these organizations have personally assisted me in the past.

We all must sincerely thank Dr. Musunuru for his educational articles that I consider to be a public service. Hopefully, his efforts will increase the public interest and readership.

John M. Angelini, Hudson

Have compassion for these animals | May 16 letter

Help the horses that help others

Yes, unfortunately the horses are the victims. The writer asked "Where are the horse rescue groups?" I am a volunteer for Healing Horses, "one child at a time," Inc.

These horses have been abused, neglected and starved. Most have never seen a vet or a farrier. Since most of the horse rescue groups are not-for-profit organizations, they must depend on donations. Many of the rescues work together to save these magnificent animals. The rescue I work with gets the horses back to health and tries to adopt out to a forever home. Some are sanctuary horses that will never leave. Then there are the ones that work with our special need children, at no cost to the families.

Maybe you should look to volunteer or donate to help this great cause. My rescue group fundraiser is on May the 26. Check us out on the Web at

Lynn Oliver, Tampa

Firefighters kept community safe

The homeowners at Club Wildwood in Hudson want to extend a big thank you to the firefighters, forest rangers and volunteers who worked so hard fighting the fire that consumed 117 acres of woods in Hudson. They saved our homes and kept us safe.

Words cannot express the fear of seeing a raging forest fire within 500 feet of your back yard. Through the bravery of these sometimes-forgotten heroes, no homes were damaged and our residents can continue to enjoying living their lives as they did before the fire.

Pat Cain, president, Club Wildwood Civic Association, Hudson


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Tuesday’s letters: Trump’s accomplishments unheralded

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