Saturday, January 20, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Careless pet owners add to cat problem

Pushing a no-kill solution for cats | Feb. 24 article

Cat owners must be responsible

This is a well-written article by Logan Neill about Joanne Schoch. I commend both of them.

We live in Hernando Beach, which is a bird sanctuary. On our block several times a day is a black cat with some white markings. This animal is obviously well taken care of and well fed. This cat is not on a leash. It is a killer on the hunt just for the fun of the kill of protected birds.

Several times a week there are feathers and small bits of meat where it has killed birds. My wife and I have bird feeders and Florida native plants to attract butterflies and birds. During nesting season several dove and other bird's nests are raided by this cat.

As an adult, if I stalked birds and killed them out here, I would soon be in jail for breaking the law and I would hated by all of my neighbors. But it is okay to let your cat run loose for the hunt. My dog can't do that and I can assure you if I had a cat it would not be free to hunt and kill.

A trap-neuter-return program will not stop the problem of cat owners who don't care if their cat is invading my property for the purpose of killing birds.

Larry Simpson, Hernando Beach

Jungle Safari an opportunity lost

Wheeler representatives worked closely with a traveling "Jungle Safari" company in an effort to bring a fun and educational event to the Brooksville community and to generate additional foot traffic for all of our merchants at South Plaza (Winn-Dixie). Jungle Safari would have been on the premises today through Sunday.

They charge no admission, offer daily animal husbandry lectures to schools and the public, and earn money through the sale of photos with carefully selected breeding stock. They also would have set up table space for all of South Plaza's merchants to place literature and coupons.

Everything was in place to bring the event to fruition except for the final permit for the tent. On Friday, Feb. 22, the city of Brooksville denied our request to host this event on the property.

The community development director, Bill Geiger, and a city planner, Steve Gouldman, contacted us at 4:15 p.m. to say that we could not host the event because we didn't have sufficient parking for the needs of our merchants, the tent and the additional traffic generated by the Jungle Safari.

Needless to say, we were very disappointed. We shared with the city that many our tenants have complained that the economy has made it very difficult to earn a living and that shopping areas closer to Spring Hill are enjoying growth and favorable treatment.

We feel that the city of Brooksville should have supported our merchants and approved the temporary use of the parking lot for an event with the potential to positively impact the sales and visibility of the shopping center.

If you feel as we do, we can only suggest that you make an effort to voice your concerns to the city manager, Jennene Norman-Vacha, (352) 540-3810, and her deputies.

Susan Pleasants, Virginia Beach, Va.

Insurance scams must be stopped

I read about the man who easily scammed an elderly lady out of $1,300. Then I read about the CEO of Citizens Insurance spending our hard-earned money on hotels and I came up with the perfect solution. All these scammers should get together, pool their money and start a new homeowners insurance company.

They can undercut Citizens' prices and get most of the homeowners to go with them, live the high life and not worry about being prosecuted or going to jail. They could scam the whole state of Florida legitimately.

Help! We need a break. Why can't our lawmakers do something to reign these greedy people in?

Donna Herrick, Hudson

Bus service might gear up Feb. 20, article

Let school buses aid public transit

When schools are closed, their buses are unused for long periods. During these periods, school buses, under county control, could assist public transit.

James Willan, Brooksville


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