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Celebrate, don't blame others

Splintered effort hurt Dems, Nov. 9 article

Celebrate, don't blame others

I'm a college student and former intern/team leader with the national Obama Campaign for Change. I am also a proud Democratic Executive Committee member/precinct committeeman. I'd like to resolve a recent one-sided debate which has yet to be publicly addressed, until now. There is a misconception that the campaign blatantly ignored the needs of local Democrats.

While field organizers Brooke Dressler and Daniel Ellis weren't permitted to converse with the media, volunteers may.

The DEC held a special meeting on Aug. 14. During the meeting, chairman Jay Rowden set forth a motion to not work with the national campaign; he elected to run a parallel campaign. Both Rowden and Democratic Club president Steve Zeledon emphatically stated the Obama campaign would not work with them. However; the campaign would've seized the opportunity to work with the energetic spirits of the DEC.

Due to misconceptions, our local candidates suffered. Upon being asked, volunteers would have graciously answered the plea to aid the campaigns of local Democrats. Let us not forget, the headquarters in Hernando was a national campaign office run by local volunteers. We're all affected by the loss.

We've seen many politicians overcome adversity and rise to meet the needs of the people. Many ideal candidates have seen failure nevertheless; the true candidates are not defeated. They'll work incessantly in the next election to turn Hernando blue.

The election has concluded, the decisions have been made and we should be enthusiastically celebrating, not playing the blame game.

Change is on the way!

Justin Colon, Spring Hill

Why give utility money up front?

We moved from New York three years ago. We left New York not only for the horrible cold weather and high taxes, but also because in the Empire State large corporations and businesses are considered more important than people.

Florida has always been known to put its citizens first and tried to keep taxes and expenses reasonable for its citizens. We were totally unprepared and shocked about the issues with Progress Energy. After building a custom home in Homosassa, we received a letter from Progress Energy stating that they plan on taking our property and many others to construct huge power line towers. Then we learn that we will have the privilege of paying Progress Energy to destroy our property.

Florida has decided that the citizens must give Progress Energy the money up front for a new power plant so that they can make more profit without any risk to them. If Progress Energy decides that the project is not worth it or that it will not be profitable, they don't have to build a new power plant or return the money they charged us to build it. Then to add insult to injury, Progress Energy was approved a 25 percent increase in rates.

Would those lucky enough to still have jobs or retirees get a 25 percent increase in their pay or pension? If the local baker wants to expand his business and make more profit, he would be considered crazy if he asked his customers to lay out the money in advance so that he could build a larger store.

Our economy is in such poor shape today because of the greed and uncontrolled profiteering of executives, investors and stock brokers. We read everyday how the working people of large corporations are losing their jobs and benefits, while the executives walk away with huge bonuses. Making the citizens pay up front so that Progress Energy can expand and make more profit is an unfair burden in times of a good economy and even more so now with a bad economy.

The newspapers have reported that population growth in Florida has slowed and even gone into the negative. Do we really need another power plant?

If the executives of Progress Energy and the state of Florida feel that more power plants are necessary, let Progress Energy invest the money as any other business would as they are going to make the profit.

If Florida wants to subsidize Progress Energy in their expansion, the state should use bonds instead of taking hard-earned money from its citizens at a time like this.

Claus and Maureen Claussen, Homosassa

Thank you for your support

I would like to thank the voters of Hernando County for their support of my candidacy for re-election to the County Commission. We have many challenges facing us in the next four years, but with the support of so many good citizens, I am confident that we will be successful.

Please feel free to contact me at my office in Brooksville (754-4002), or by e-mail at [email protected]

Jeff Stabins

Hernando County commissioner

Re: Prostitution sting

Need to clean up our community

Perhaps the cops arrested the wrong people. The only people who are ever approached by hookers are the people who go seeking them. Any citizen who doesn't like hookers can easily avoid them.

The prostitution none of us can avoid is the selling of favors to developers by our elected officials. If we clean these hookers out of the community, life would be better for us all.

C.D. Chamberlain, Spring Hill

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