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Chamber of commerce, State Farm bad for Florida

Chamber's stance wrong for Florida

Apparently the CEO of Florida's chamber of commerce, Mark Wilson, supports State Farm pulling out of Florida. For that reason I will never lend my support to the chamber. In a statement released Jan. 27, Wilson stated that it was "understandable" and "a wakeup call" for Florida. Yes there is a wakeup call for Florida and that is for Floridians to wake up and not support a group that is backing this greedy multibillion dollar company that is pulling out of Florida.

After years of record profits in multiple lines of insurance, State Farm now wants to pull out of Florida. It also is noticeable that State Farm has threatened this just two months before the legislative session. Are they using this as a threat to get their ridiculous rate hike?

State Farm has been enjoying record profits that have grown from $40 billion to $63 billion between 2003 and 2007.

I urge each and every citizen to contact the governor and insist he not allow this cherry-picking of only the extremely profitable lines of insurance. Ask him to keep his word that if State Farm won't sell all its lines of insurance then it should be forced to remove all lines of insurance from Florida.

I will be canceling all other lines of insurance I have with State Farm once my homeowners is canceled.

We need to support Sen. Mike Fasano's bill he filed last week that will stop the cherry-picking that allows companies to only pick low risk lines of insurance to sell in Florida. We need to remind these companies that insurance is meant to spread the risk not run from any risk and enjoy only profit and no pay out! We understand the need for companies to make a reasonable profit but record profits each year are coming at a high cost to consumers already in financial trouble.

The insurance companies want more and more profit, less and less coverage, and we, the homeowners, are the ones who are suffering. Please stand up and support the governor and call, write, or e-mail your representatives before the legislative session.

You only have your house to loose if the insurance company wins! You must ask yourselves when will it be enough for these insurance companies, when your insurance is equal to your mortgage payment? When it exceeds your mortgage? What is the cost you are willing to pay? Let your voice be heard. The insurance companies are being heard and supported by huge lobbying efforts.

Ginny Stevans, New Port Richey

Time to change law enforcement

I recently retired after 37 years of service as a police officer, the last 28 years as a detective. My wife and I have had three encounters with deputies from the Sheriff's Office pertaining to neighbor difficulties at our new home located in a deed restricted community. As a result of these interactions as well as information reported regarding the Pasco County Sheriffs Office, I believe the people of this county should be concerned about public safety.

I do not know why it would take so long to identify and investigate ineffective employees later charged with some 100 counts of inappropriate behavior, and a neighboring county has an officer who kills a dog in a routine canvass, not pursuing a felon. Conduct unheard of where we are from.

It is time to revisit the qualifications of the administrators and perhaps change the laws to appoint sheriffs based on their qualifications and not elect them based on how many friends in the community they have accrued.

Crime statistics nationally are reported to the FBI and are available by specific location. Crimes solved are also part of this reported information and need be published and reviewed by the public before appointment by either means to the office of sheriff is made.

Smiling faces and expensive haircuts on billboards should be a thing of the past.

Ronald Hotton, Hudson

Put sidewalks where they help

In Holiday, the entire length of Mile Stretch Road, with all the businesses, homes, library, post office, doctors and such, does not have a foot of sidewalk.

People walking along this route have to walk through culverts, across lawns and driveways while most of Perrine Ranch Road has beautiful walks and they lead to nothing. There's nothing to get to there, nothing but sidewalks along the road.

Come on Pasco, take care of your pedestrians on busy streets and not only the empty roads.

Rudy Drouin, Holiday

News not all bad in Beacon Woods | Jan. 29 letter

Questions build in Beacon Woods

While Beacon Woods remains a beautiful place to live, I think there are problems with the letter writer's leadership and so-called solutions. I am the immediate past president, a current director and I am not a candidate in the upcoming elections.

Backing up officials records to a CD is a good idea, but the contract included a provision where original records could be destroyed, which was signed without consulting an attorney. The new law firm charges almost twice as much per hour for advice as our previous attorney who served Beacon Woods for over 20 years during which time we were never sued.

In an article in our neighborhood newsletter, the letter writer admits that a solution for problems concerning liability is not perfect and is not "an absolute guarantee against lawsuits naming the Beacon Woods Civic Association.'' He fails to mention that there was a solution to avoiding uninsured lawsuits which he chose not to take. He and the rest of the board actually voted against the best way to avoid the possibility of some uninsured lawsuits. Expenses of uninsured litigation and judgments, along with any other association expenses, are passed along to the homeowners.

He also didn't mention in his letter that he voted for a package of changes to our rules which included that private clubs could bring alcoholic beverages to the clubhouse during regular weekly meetings. That motion failed to carry for lack of a two-thirds vote.

Ann Bunting, Hudson

Watch for charge on phone bills

Go over your phone bills with a fine tooth comb. It seems there is another scam going on, and I am one of the victims.

In December we noticed a charge from a company called USBI on our AT&T phone bill. It is located in Las Vegas. When we called this company they referred us to another company called Call for Less located in Miami.

After many tries we got through to them and they tell us we signed up for a free iPod or laptop computer, and this is a one-time charge. We told this company we never signed up, as I know today there is nothing free. They had my name, address, and even the place I was born, and for the life of me I have no idea how they obtained this information. I have never received the above named products

After calling AT&T, which was no help, they informed me that the charges had to be paid. Call for Less said they would issue a credit but it would take a couple of billing cycles for it to happen.

I did a Google search of USBI and read some of the complaints listed against them, and they were all similar to mine. None of the people knew how the charges got there; mine was for $ 20.73. Some of the ones I read were much higher, and they said their phone companies, Verizon, AT&T and others were no help to them, and said that we had to contact USBI on our own to solve the problem of these charges

Please read your bills carefully.

Jack Joyce, Spring Hill

Texas Stage West ready for visitors

Someone on our board discovered Barbara Fredricksen's Dec. 19 column about the Stage West season. We were both amused and appreciative of the Florida publicity for our 30th season. Thanks for the plug, Barbara and your funny take on the whole thing.

We'd love to have any of your readers come and share our work when they're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Small world!

Jerry Russell, Stage West Theater, Fort Worth, Texas

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