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Charter governments reduce power of voters

Charters strip voters of power

Commissioner Jim Adkins proposes that the County Commission create a study commission for a charter government. Once he gets two more votes for the study, charter government will have to be considered on the ballot in an election for the public to decide at their expense if that is what they want and how they want the charter to be written by a study commission.

It is obvious to me the origin of this thought process by Mr. Adkins is not from his creativity but possibly originates from the Hernando County Republican Party or a committee of the party. If you recall Mr. Adkins proposed an economic stimulus package in 2009 for which he enlisted the help of local home builder Blaise Ingoglia to craft a three-pronged comprehensive plan for recovery. This plan was defeated overwhelmingly by the County Commission because of its ineffectiveness.

We now have Adkins et al proposing a takeover of our local government. Charter governments strip away voter checks and balances against political manipulation of taxing and spending. It takes away Hernando County voter rights to decide who will be our tax collector, our clerk of the circuit court, our property appraiser, our supervisor of elections and finally our sheriff. All of these constitutional offices should be independent of a County Commission or administrator's control.

Charter governments are typically forms of government for cities not counties. When charters are written, many powers can be taken away from the voters and placed in the hands of the county commissioners, appointees or their committees. One of these powers could include land development. Remember that Amendment 4 Hometown Democracy strips away control of land development from county commissioners and puts it in the hands of the voter, you the people. It seems that the current attempt to reduce voter powers is an attempt to destroy Hometown Democracy in Hernando County and many other voter rights.

Vito J. Delgorio Sr., Spring Hill

Jail throws good money after bad

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) says operating the Hernando County jail system is a money-losing deal but they want to keep the contract and throw more money at it.

What position does Obama have in their management team?

Leon G. Atkinson, Brooksville

Road work hits close to home | March 21 article

Road's residents whine too much

These people should just get over it. We live on Mariner Boulevard and did so when it was widened. It was bad, but that is progress. Our back (or side yard) faces Mariner and we sit there and enjoy it daily.

We always have trash in or yard from inconsiderate people and we survive. It is what you make of it.

We love Spring Hill and if they do, accept it or leave. They are not special. Just people like all the rest of us. It is time to stop whining and do something constructive.

Diana Regh, Spring Hill

Think before you complain, owners

May I point out a few issues to those who oppose the wall at the Elgin Boulevard project.

The county commissioners are supposed to consider their constituents' needs.

Neighbors attended meetings and made up a petition that was signed by us all.

Jeff Stabins and Rose Rocco visited the site.

Mariner Boulevard and areas gained sidewalks. They used easements which are legal.

Other residents on streets that had roads expanded may not have complained or taken action.

We have lived here 18 years; some of my neighbors longer than that. There has never been an incident where houses were sold, knocked down, or scheduled to be moved away.

Most residents on the other side of Elgin are rentals. The people move in and out. Most people are trying to get off Elgin Boulevard. We do not live on a side road; the work is right behind our homes.

There most likely will not be projects like this — knocking down houses for weeks.

You want something to complain about? What about the large amounts of money paid to the homeowners to get them out?

Lorinda Eldredge, Spring Hill,

Manatees flap is misguided

Crystal River has a number of environmental groups as well as Save the Manatee Foundation. We have an excellent staff at the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, well-trained and balanced enforcement by Fish and Wildlife and the Citrus County sheriff, not to mention the large number of volunteers who monitor the manatee habitat in Crystal River and Homosassa. The manatees have a great economic impact on these cities and Citrus County.

I believe that there is well-balanced and continuing discussion by those who are most familiar with the local conditions. There has always been civil and effective discussion by the various interests.

I live on the first canal off the Three Sisters and have seen very few occasions of "harassment" in relation to the many thousands of positive interactions with the manatees. The attempt at linking cold and boating-related deaths with swimming with the manatees is as much a travesty as the occasional harassment by a irresponsible human. Furthermore, the threat of a lawsuit against a public service agency is a waste of taxpayer money.

I recommend that the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility members and their attorney find better ways to expend their money, time and effort.

Robert Mercer, Crystal River

Seniors need more volunteers

I work for a local home health agency. Myself and Jennifer Paris have been volunteering at the local rehabs, nursing homes and some hospitals for the past several holidays. This Easter we dressed as an Easter chick and bunny.

Our agency feels it is very important not only to look out for a patient's physical needs but also provide love, entertainment and happiness to our communities' seniors and disabled. These members of our society are often ignored and forgotten. Some of these residents do not have regular family or sometimes have no family at all to visit with. The smiles and laughs we have gotten are infectious and have affected us much more than these patients will ever know.

Unfortunately, time and time again, we heard nursing staff, activity directors and case managers say there are not enough volunteers bringing entertainment and joy to these valuable individuals. We would like to encourage others to get involved. Simply visit with residents that have no visitors. Listen to their stories. Get your children involved. They love to see kids! The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.

Jennifer Reedy, Spring Hill

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