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Chasco Fiesta parade krewes deserve respect

Chasco krewes deserve respect

I am in a krewe that participated in the Chasco parade. Although we were not ejected, we were treated with great disrespect and police officers even used profanity towards a female member who was tossing beads from the street sidelines. She was not on a float. We were told by parade organizers that tossing beads from the sidelines was okay.

Well, not according to this one particular officer who used profanity. I wonder how many children heard him yell like that? So much for a family event!

My krewe is considering not returning next year. We go through great lengths and expense to ensure everyone's safety, in particular, our own. We participate in 12 parades per year, not just organize one or two per year. We know what we are doing, and to be treated like we don't and so disrespectfully, it's very disheartening.

We hire professional drivers and hire plenty of security to walk with our floats. We are doing a better job of policing ourselves than the police are.

The unfortunate tragedy in Plant City didn't involve a child from one of the krewes and didn't involve throwing beads. It was due to the child walking alongside the float of a group that doesn't regularly participate in parades and didn't put in place as many safety precautions that we and the other Tampa krewes do.

Perhaps during the work session of the next council meeting or the next parade organizing meeting, input from krewe members would be helpful. After all, we do this a whole lot more than they do.

Jeff DiPolito, Clearwater

Overregulation stole the fun

Once again the people in charge took the fun out of the Chasco Fiesta parade. What is billed as a good time for all is now a mediocre time. No throwing of the beads. No sitting around with a beer in hand and way too many cops.

When I reached town I thought there was a bomb scare or a national crisis. Did we really need that many police to tell people they could not throw beads or drink a beer in public? I wonder who paid for that?

I will not be going next year unless things are back to where they were before these meddling people took charge.

Donald R. Talbot, New Port Richey

Tone down the parade lewdness

My husband and I attended the Chasco Fiesta Parade. Most of the parade was a decent effort to entertain the crowds for two hours with one exception. A few dancers led a small band with all the raunchiness of simulated sex acts while they paraded down Grand Boulevard.

It is no wonder that today's youth are in serious moral trouble, when adults are encouraging them to perform such routines in public for all ages to see. I truly have no hope for the majority of tomorrow's youth.

Sharon Moody Juarez, New Port Richey

You can't make this stuff up

Thanks for the article about the former Pasco County deputy and alleged DUI driver being a free addition to the Port Richey Police Department. No surprises here, though.

Actually, this proud new gun on the force is a mere piker compared to many of the city's roster of past police officers and police chiefs. As Casey Stengel said, "You could look it up." It is mind boggling.

Those who run the city obviously feel they still answer to no one but themselves. Oh yeah, payday is Friday, at least until the residents dissolve the City Charter.

The new recruit is going to find out shortly that there is no road in the tiny city long enough for him to get the vehicle he's driving up to 98 mph without entering the purview of his former employer, even at 1 o'clock in the morning.

You just can't make this stuff up. And they're sweating bullets wondering who's going to hire them if the residents dissolve their fiefdom.

Gary Miano, Port Richey

Water shortage is no mystery

Is it any wonder we are running very low on the water supply? I have lived in Pasco County for 23 years and time after time I read that one builder after another is given the go-ahead to build on a wetland. One development after another is being built all over the Suncoast using the much needed water supply to the point that we will run out. Then what?

I do not know about other counties but we would probably not be in this mess if some county commissioners were paying attention at meetings.

Leo Robillard, Port Richey

Someone please stop hydrant leak

There is a fire hydrant at the corner of Canton Avenue and State Road 52 in Hudson, that has been dripping. It is by the construction of the new high school.

I have reported it for the third time. It is my hope that this shameful waste of water will stop immediately. At least I hope they are being cited but I know money will not be able to retrieve the thousands of gallons of water that have already been wasted.

Edna Mercado, Port Richey

Pasco's own AIG: Aloha Utilities

Demanding money collected from customers forced to buy your substandard product for improvements that were never made. Wow. It looks like Aloha Utilities has become Pasco county's own little AIG.

Do business poorly for years and years and then get the government to pay you off. After the government pays you off, find a way to take even more from the taxpayers for personal gain. What a model!

I can't imagine feeling the type of greed that drives a person to disregard their countrymen, their countrymen's safety and the safety of their countrymen's children completely for monetary gain. Where are the patriots? Where are this generation's men and women who are interested in innovating for the betterment of their country? Sure, getting rich was important to Edison, Ford and Firestone but, unlike the people running AIG and Aloha, they weren't willing to run their companies into the ground or harm their countrymen to do it.

Ninety-million dollars is enough of a payday for Aloha's owners. Aloha can take their lottery winnings and get out. I hope they're never granted another business license.

Daniel Ewing, New Port Richey

Taxpayers should elect the PSC

Recently, there were articles about Progress Energy and Aloha Utilities, both governed by the Florida Public Service Commission. The PSC members are appointed. How can the PSC members show their faces in Tallahassee. They should be fired for representing the utilities.

Let the taxpayers elect the PSC to represent them. Aloha overcharged customers $375,000, sold the company and is trying to keep the money in escrow.

Progress Energy charged a 25 percent increase in January to 1.6 million customers and now they're giving back 11 percent. Is the chief executive officer schooled by AIG?

Our public officials must demand an accounting. Eleven percent from 25 percent leaves 1.6 million customers with a 14 percent increase.

Bette A. Putman, New Port Richey

Beach staff needs better oversight

Last August, a 79-year-old woman was swimming within the ropes at Anclote Park when a person on a personal watercraft knocked her down and ran over her. The lifeguard came over to help the women. The lifeguard got the woman's name and address and, she thought, that of the watercraft driver.

No. When the women went to seek information, no one knew who was on guard that day, nor was there any incident report written. The woman is paying for her own doctor bills. We wonder if a child would be treated any differently.

Summer is coming and we would hope that there will be a little more training and better record-keeping. No matter if you are a child or a senior citizen, life is precious. Our lives are in the hands of people who aren't trained or they don't take their jobs serious enough. I would hope for all concerned, this kind of incident doesn't happen again.

Hannah Edge, New Port Richey

Protect animals, don't exploit them

I must respond to the letter writer who defended the despicable practice of allowing the public to manhandle tiger cubs and other animals at the Stearns Zoo. This is a classic example of good intentions gone profoundly wrong.

Too many people go into the animal rescue business with love in their heart and empty space in their heads. It's should be simple: When money is tight, stop taking on more. Don't pimp out the very animals you have rescued.

Using animals as fundraising tools is a tactic no legitimate sanctuary would abide.

Jayne Morris, Largo

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