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Chasco Krewe mocks Native American culture

Chasco Krewe float is offensive

Wendy Brenner recently made news when she denied the float application for the Republican Party. The reason she gave was that floats aren't permitted admission if they reflect certain subject matter such as a political campaign, social issues, or special interest groups. However, the Chasco Krewe, which stereotypes Native Americans and mocks Native American spirituality, meets the parade criteria.

So, if this is true, a white organization's application for an African float would be approved. I can see it now, blackface, spears, and leopard skirts. Or picture this, a Catholic church applies for a float with dancing nuns throwing communion wafers. Nothing wrong, it's only about ethnicity and spirituality, right?

Some time ago, the American Indian Movement's education director, David Narcomey, met with officials of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce and Chasco officials to explain why the Chasco Krewe float was offensive and racist to Native Americans. The response was a big ho hum. It's too bad that a little social conscientiousness didn't result from that meeting.

The American Indian Movement isn't against parades or other community events that provide fun for families. However, activities that demean other people's culture and spirituality are not acceptable.

It's not only politically correct, but ethically right to ban racist floats such as the Chasco Krewe.

Ruby Beaulieu, director, AIM Florida Chapter, Port Richey

Plenty of ways for schools to save money | March 5, letter

Teachers chip in for students

This is for the efficiency experts who know how to save money. Free breakfasts are funded by our wasteful federal government.

Our letter writer also is misinformed about cell phone use by students. They are not allowed to be used in class.

Maybe the gentleman should be made to stay in our classrooms when we have the heat shut off when the outside air temperature is 55 degrees. Our teachers endure despite knowing they have not gotten negotiated step increase for nearly three years.

Maybe this gentleman also bought supplies for his fellow workers like our staff buys for our students out of our own pockets.

The $600 yearly school tax bill hardly compares to $6,000 average up north. We do pretty good at stretching a buck.

Bruce Hauser, Port Richey

Pre-Census letter a waste of money

I am sure it must have taken numerous committee meetings and a host of bureaucrats to design the letter to inform me that I will receive another letter about the 2010 Census.

So much for the deficit.

William J. Raine, New Port Richey

Forgive police chief; move on

I was sorry to hear about the recent controversy regarding Port Richey police Chief Dave Brown. I have always known him to be an honorable and ethical man. He has served the citizens of the city of Port Richey well, and should be commended for all the community work he has done, especially for the youth in our city.

Hopefully, he will not be criticized for a few words that he regrets saying. If he is forced to resign, it would be such a great loss. Let's all forget and forgive.

Donna True, Port Richey

Disability is not always visible

I hope to educate some of your readers. If you are tempted to question someone parked in a handicapped space, stop. You have no idea what ailment a person has and it is just wrong to say anything.

There are hundreds of hidden disabilities. Just because a person isn't in a wheelchair, it doesn't mean he or she is not disabled. Don't assume everyone is lying.

Rhonda Starr, Hudson

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