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Children today need to learn to apologize

Children must learn to apologize

I am so happy that the horrifying situation the Central High art teacher had to endure has not been forgotten. I join everyone with prayers that the new school where she is assigned is a safe and happy place for her to work until retirement.

It makes my blood boil that I have never heard or seen a parent force their child to do a public apology after a situation like this or in any situation where the child is wrong. If we don't teach our children to admit when they are wrong and make amends, they will only continue with the bad behavior and not learn any lessons whatsoever.

Back in the day children were seen and not heard and it appears that our children are heard but have not learned how to do this respectfully or learned to get help from a parent or guidance counselor if they need it. They just let it rip and feel totally entitled to behave this way. As we mature we realize just how far that gets us. The only way a child is going to learn this is from their parents or learn it the hard way by getting into trouble until some big trouble comes along. What a shame that is.

Saundra Piercy, Spring Hill

Military family tired of paperwork

My husband joined the military in October 2005 due to lack of work in the Hernando County area. We tried to sell our home but were unable to. We decided to keep our home so we had somewhere to move back to when he was discharged.

We had very bad luck with long-term renters tearing up our house so we now pay the mortgage and bills ourselves to ensure our home is in good shape when we return in 2013.

Our issue arises with the Hernando County Property Appraiser's Office. I have repeatedly called, faxed or mailed copies of his military orders along with utility bills that we are paying on the home along with driver's licenses that show both me and my husband are still Florida residents. For some reason, each year, we have to show that he is in the military to get our homestead exemption. His orders to Fort Riley have not changed since 2006.

I have spoken with the office and told them he will not be getting out until 2013 and if our state of residency changes I will notify them. My question is this: Why do we continually have to furnish the same information to the Property Appraiser's Office? We did not get a homestead exemption in 2011 even though I was living in the home in 2010 while my husband was on his second tour in Iraq.

I have called Veterans Affairs to ask for assistance with this and was told they could not help. I called the Hernando County commissioners' office and was told they could not help. I called Sen. Mike Fasano's office and was told they could not help.

No one will try to help us make changes to make it easier for military families. It is very frustrating to me to have to furnish the same information every year. One reason I was given was "there are so many snow birds in the area." How can you compare a military family to a snow bird? I am hoping that changes will be made to make it easier for me along with other military families in the state who are going through the same thing every year.

Jessica Poulin, Fort Riley, Kan.

Auxiliary's insult to businesses here

The Brooksville Regional Hospital Auxiliary is hosting a gift, book and jewelry sale on Sept. 5 and 6, and is using an out-of- town jeweler.

With all the local jewelers in the area who contribute to our local economy by paying taxes, insurance, etc., why would they need to use to a Fort Myers jeweler?

This is an insult to all local businesses.

Dorothy Sylvester, Brooksville

Kids need to walk to school in safety

Before school started, I feared for the safety of children walking where there are no sidewalks.

Superintendent of schools Bryan Blavatt and I have walked the stretch on Howell Avenue in Brooksville from Chatfield Drive to where the sidewalk begins. I walked Monday morning about 6:45 a.m. and saw two boys on a bike going toward school, but no children walking.

The worrisome part of the walk is the curve on Howell Avenue. Mr. Blavatt says he plans to make sure the grass is short on the shoulders and hopefully a blinking light installed. During my walk there was some traffic, but everyone was driving safely. I arrived back home with wet feet and my jeans wet nearly to my knees.

Mr. Blavatt told me he walked that same stretch and then continued on to his office, and not only were his feet wet, but he was sweaty when he got to work.

I don't think walking is the problem. In fact, it would probably be good for healthy children to do that. Safety was always my concern. We have a lot of obese children and adults in the U.S. now more than any time in our history. Obesity in a child is even more dangerous than for adults, because young bodies are forming for adulthood. People who have been active as children are healthier in older years. Childhood diabetes has become an epidemic.

At 73, I still walk to Brooksville and do lots of yard work. I walked to school in Detroit. The elementary school I attended was just around the block, and the intermediate and high school was just over a mile away. I think I am healthier now because of that. I also rode my bike all over the southeast side of Detroit, crossed busy streets, used public buses and learned about traffic.

I know our society has changed since those days. Two generations of busing has created a lot of changes. We are more afraid of the dangers that exist today. Our children need to learn to cope with the outside world. Maybe we need to get out there, walk and ride bikes with them and even ride our public transportation — THE Bus.

I also know the days are over for parents having time to be with children every day after school because usually both parents have to work, and single parents are really hard-pressed for time and money. Financially, life is much harder than it was for my generation. That really makes me sad.

I do believe Mr. Blavatt does have the best possible intentions to make our schools a wonderful experience for our children. The shortage of money for everything is scary.

Doris Taylor, Brooksville

When shared cost was suggested, they said no

Irene delivers a reality check

If Florida is to share the cost of Irene, who is going to share my sinkhole cost?

When people asked for a national insurance fund that the country would share, nobody wanted it. After all, they said, we don't have hurricanes up North and why should we have to share the cost for Florida and the other states who have tornadoes and natural disasters?

Well, the worm turned.

Roger Lind, Port Richey

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