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Christmas House put Brooksville on map and should have been saved

Christmas House put city on map

Come on people — what were you thinking? I have been keeping up with the problems regarding the Christmas House and read with much dismay about the closing. I cannot believe that the City Council, or County Commission, or citizens of Brooksville for that matter, would let such a jewel just slip through their fingers. Your tourist development council was obviously not thinking too clearly if it was not able to develop a way to save the Christmas House.

I live just north of Tampa, but still in Hillsborough County. I can tell you that every person I have told about the closing is just flabbergasted that Brooksville and Hernando County didn't do something to save it. I think I understand, that there was quite a lot of debt accumulated, and much repair work to be done, but it just seems to me that Hernando County was sorely remiss not to keep "the Christmas House in Brooksville" going.

My husband and I travel quite a bit, and all I have to do is mention Brooksville (my mom lives there) and invariably they know of it from "the Christmas House." I know it was not a huge moneymaker, obviously, but it was a spot on the map everyone knew about and definitely a tourist attraction. I guess you all are satisfied with Weeki Wachee and Boyett's Grove, and that is fine, but the Christmas House was unique.

Perhaps it should have run like a museum (toys for instance), with a fantastic gift shop consisting of Christmas things. You could've sold off a couple of the houses, consolidated some of the items (even though really interesting stuff, I do not think a kitchen gadget section is needed there, and I love to cook) and aggressively marketed the place. You could've turned part of it into a small tearoom, or had a big Brooksville fundraiser campaign once a year for it: dinner/dance, Christmas party in July, breakfast with Santa or something.

These are just a few ideas that came to mind as I thought about the demise of the Christmas House. I think it was one of the jewels of Hernando County, in fact, our whole area. It is known throughout the world, literally.

Patsy Cooley, Lutz

Metal theft clear to all but deputies

I have had tens of thousands of dollars in metal stolen in the past few years and probably at least that much in the past week. It seems to be a never-ending ordeal. And when I notify the Sheriff's Office, it doesn't seem interested unless I know who's doing it.

I went by the local scrap yard to witness an endless supply of metal goods being sold. I have asked the sheriff's deputy why his department is letting stolen property be so openly sold. His answer: "How do we know it's stolen?" Well, when a $500 pickup truck is bringing in metal that originally cost new more than 10 times what the truck is worth, then maybe that would be a clue. No one is paying attention to our local thieves.

Can't our sheriff see all these scrap haulers driving around? Where are they acquiring the scrap on their trucks? I've had somebody driving into my property for the last two weeks so much that the adjoining woods now has what looks like a dirt super-highway. Did the sheriff's deputies notice? No!

I was told, "What do you want us to do, set up a stakeout?'' I thought to myself, "Why, yes. They've been coming in so much while I've been gone that I'd think that maybe you could actually catch them if you would just try.''

With any luck, the recent thieves might actually get caught. According to my neighbor, they've been there almost every day. He could even give a description of the truck but the story seems to fall only on deaf ears.

A. Daniel, Spring Hill

Re: Code enforcement

Enforcement of water limits leaks

Last year during our drought season, I called Code Enforcement three to four times a week, for a month and a half. It seems we have people who think they can do as they like. They were watering their lawn three times a week when we're told only once a week.

Code enforcement asks: Are they watering now? No, they water at 5 a.m. Answer: We don't work at that time. No kidding. But their lawn is the only green one around.

I said, why don't you do like other counties. They come out, stick their fingers in the ground. Let's see. If it's green, wet and no one else has a nice lawn, what does that tell you? What are these people there for?

I'd like to have their job. You can bet I'd get up on my time and check out things if I was getting all those phone calls. How much do they make?

Veronica Pereira, Spring Hill

Christmas House put Brooksville on map and should have been saved 05/26/10 [Last modified: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 4:23pm]
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