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City Council committee meetings should be televised

Televise "under the radar" council talk | July 12, editorial

Put committee meetings on TV

The League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area has long supported an open governmental system for the city of St. Petersburg. In keeping with this we agree that City Council committee meetings should be televised, just as the council meetings are televised.

The decisions that are made in these meetings are wide-ranging and the process should be as accessible to citizens as can be arranged. Governments should make wise use of modern technology and be responsive to the citizens and their right to know what decisions their elected representatives are making.

We urge the Council Procedures committee to advise that council committee meetings be televised and available on the city Web site.

Amanda Patanow, president, League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area

Get ready for more fees | July 7

Even with fees, parks are a bargain

The well-written and detailed article regarding increased fees should be viewed by all who complain about accessing our lovely parks.

A possible charge of $3 to $5 per car to access beautiful Fort De Soto Park is a bargain. A family of four can enjoy a picnic and ride their bikes, swim, fish and watch birds in 1,316 acres of park land and beach.

Compare that $5 to paying $27 for a family of four (two adults and two children) at a movie matinee (plus snacks?)! Fort De Soto is a steal.

Sue Gibbs, St. Petersburg

Turn snake problem into asset

We are overrun with large snakes? We have food shortages in soup kitchens? Self-correcting problems. In the 1800s, lobsters were a nuisance to Maine fisheries, so they caught them and fed them to state prisoners. Now they are a delicacy.

Alligator meat was and is still eaten. My understanding is that snake tastes much like chicken. Catch them, clean them and sell them by the pound. Snakeskin belts are very attractive. Turn a nuisance into an industry.

Where else can you get a hug and a meal from the same source?

Note that native snakes are useful in keeping down the vermin population and let them be.

Maynard J. Hirshon, St. Pete Beach

Need for ban on pit bulls is obvious

Isn't it sad to see another story in the St. Petersburg Times about a child injured by a pit bull? How tragic. Yet unfortunately, it seems like almost every week we hear about a pit bull attacking someone and injuring them. How long will we allow this to happen?

Are all pit bulls violent? Certainly not. I'm sure that most of them are good dogs. However, this breed just seems to have a predisposition to attacking people and other dogs, often with very serious results. We seem to be concerned about sharks, snakes and alligators here in Florida, but I would venture to say that injuries or fatalities from pit bull attacks are more than from the other three combined.

How long will we allow these attacks to go on before we consider a pit bull ban in this area like they have in Miami and Denver? I love dogs, and have one of my own, but I just don't understand why we continue to turn our heads at such an obvious problem.

Brett Haywood, St. Petersburg

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