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City rewards troubled businesses with buyout

City to own troubled club story, June 29

City rewards trouble with sale

Want to retire? Sell your business to the city of Clearwater!

For 40 years, Johnie Blunt has been the owner of the Blue Chip nightclub. The club, run out of a blue building across the street from the police substation on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Clearwater's North Greenwood community, has been a constant source of friction for police. The police say they've visited it thousands of times for everything from fights to noise to shootings.

In 2003, the city helped purchase Maccabee's Bar, a few blocks from the Blue Chip and with the same history, for $125,000 and forgave $45,000 in business loans.

Now, the city will pay Blunt $525,000 for the Blue Chip and up to $8,300 in closing costs. Blunt said, "The city wants it and I'm 80 years old. It's time for me to retire and get out of it. I'm going fishing."

What a great city we have to reward Mr. Blunt for his years of service to Clearwater. Maybe at a future City Council meeting, we can give him a plaque.

John Wiser, Clearwater

A taste of untamed delights story, July 5

Canceling paper because of review

I know that much has been written on the article by Tamara El-Khoury reviewing Spoto's restaurant, and I agree with the disgust and dismay that many have already expressed. There have been several outstanding resources provided and experts have written in hopes of educating the public to the atrocities of canned hunts.

I am a lifelong resident of Pinellas County and was saddened when I realized that one of the longtime businesses of this county could be promoting such an insensitive menu item. I was also saddened that the St. Petersburg Times chose to provide free advertising for Spoto's and, in effect, endorse this menu choice.

Because of your endorsement, I will be canceling my subscription to your publication as I am deeply disappointed and do not wish to show my support for your company in any way.

Kim Loughlin, Palm Harbor

Where did all the school money go?

Could you please do the taxpaying public a favor? Spend a little time looking at the school budgets, including building and maintenance. Give us some truth — open the books. We need to see what the spending is all about.

Joyfully, the school choice monster is over, and after the grandfathering stops in three or four more years, we should see some of that quarter of a billion dollars back that was spent over a five-year period. But for now, would you please tell us where the money is going and why the schools should be held harmless when the taxpayer has no say, other than to pay more for the referendum?

What is going on? Can anyone say sales tax?

Mrs. Harriet P. Sherwood, Clearwater

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