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Civil War is part of heritage of all of us

Why not let the Civil War fade? | July 29 letter

Civil War part of heritage of all of us

The letter writer feels the Confederate soldier should be removed from the courthouse lawn. Should Union soldier statues also be removed from the many courthouses where I have seen them in Ohio, New York and other Northeastern towns? It is part of our heritage.

Civil War re-enactments are not confined to the South. I have seen them in places from Boston to Arizona. The point is not to glorify the South but also to show what life and war was like long ago. They also are a lot of harmless fun for all concerned.

I was appalled to see the antebellum South compared to Nazi Germany. In the interest of civility I will not comment further. The incident at Rosewood was terrible but so were many things done to Indians and other minorities during that period. It was a sign of the times.

The Civil War (referred to as the War of Yankee Aggression in the deep South) was a regrettable chapter in this country's history. Both sides were wrong. There has always been injustice in this world; it is a part of our past. In the North or South, good or bad, it is a part of our heritage.

John A. Wanat, Brooksville

Vote no on fire district taxation

Do Spring Hill residents really want to grant taxing authority to a fire district that just authorized a 10.2 percent tax increase? A fire district whose commissioners, with the exception of one, do not believe they have any accountability to the taxpayers, have issues running commission meetings and believe they report to the fire chief? Any rational Spring Hill voter would say no.

With the 2010-11 budget, the Spring Hill Fire District has already authorized a 10.2 percent tax increase by raising the millage rate from 2.268 to 2.5, which is the legislatively established cap for the independent fire district. The fire district is the only governmental entity in Hernando County to vote to increase citizens' property tax rate.

Their fire union chief and the shadow organization "Cap Your Tax" are distributing false and misleading information using scare tactics to say the tax rate will decrease (false) and if taxing authority isn't approved by the voters that they will no longer have fire service (false). Bunk! The fire district will still exist and will be under the governance of the state Legislature.

What the fire district isn't telling the voters of Spring Hill, and worked hard to keep quiet when the ballot initiative for independence was drafted, is that if granted taxing authority not only can they request the voters to approve additional assessments, but they can also assess user fees, and impact fees on the residents and businesses within Spring Hill for buildings and equipment. They already tried to impose a duplicate intangible tax on businesses that was rejected.

Residents of Spring Hill need to hold onto their wallets because the fire district will have limited incentive to budget in a fiscally responsible manner. While increasing the ad valorem tax 10.2 percent they still have an operating budget gap of $708,000, and rather than cut any additional costs they are looking for additional means to make up the revenue shortfall. They are continuing with the demolition and rebuilding of Spring Hill Fire Station 2, and although they have tabled Spring Hill Fire Station 5 for the time being, if granted taxing authority an impact fee will be assessed so quickly the ink won't even be dry on the ballot initiative.

On Aug. 24, vote no for higher taxes by saying no to taxing authority.

Anne Kraus-Keenan, Spring Hill

County shouldn't allow game rooms

With unemployment so high in Hernando County, who is giving out permits for game rooms?

What does the county get out of it? It's just what we need, the poor getting poorer.

James Conides, Spring Hill

Making better budget choices | July 29 letter

Writer may have had ax to grind

I was very disappointed that you did not show an "Editor's note" on the referenced letter.

The writer was the director of code enforcement, including Animal Services, when David Hamilton started as county administrator. Do you think the writer might have an ax to grind with Mr. Hamilton?

This is a person who was considered part of the problem in county government and retired rather than grow and offer change. I found his letter incomplete, biased and inflammatory.

David Green, Spring Hill

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