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Clearwater Beach needs to straighten out parking mess

Parking mess at the beach

The parking situation in this area of Clearwater Beach (North Mandalay Avenue around Frenchy's and the Palm Pavilion, including the church area) is dismal, to say the least.

Who would plan construction in that area during spring break? Why are parking tickets not valid in every lot? Why are your "change machines" only returning $1 coins, if most of the meters only take 25 cents? Why is your meter maid so uninformed about the construction? Why do Clearwater police officers have no clue about where to get change?

I mean, are you trying to make it difficult on purpose or are you just incompetent?

This is the 21st century, in case you haven't noticed yet. I understand and I am willing to pay for parking, but why do you have to make it so difficult and uncomfortable to pay your parking fees? Aren't you interested in having tourists and locals come and spend money?

Really, please have someone competent get in charge of this mess. Please!

Hubert Fladung, Trinity

Greedy politicos target teachers

Does anyone with even a high school diploma from the lowest-rated school system in the state truly believe that Gov. Rick Scott and his Republican cronies are tossing and turning in their collective sleep because some African-American student in the third grade in St. Petersburg is reading at a first-grade level? Really?

If you do, I have an orange tree-covered bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

This education debate is only about one thing: money. A lot of taxpayer money is poured into the education system in this state, and Rick Scott and his greedy Republican cronies want to grab every last penny of it for their own purposes.

Does anyone think that if public school teachers made $5 a day with no pension and no health benefits that these Republicans would be screaming about school reform? You don't hear them screaming about reforming the immigrant farmworkers' wages, do you? No way.

How long after the teachers unions are dismantled before these money grubbers start trying to privatize the police and fire departments, trying to get a piece of that action, too. Wake up Floridians and smell the greed.

Phillip Marmanillo,

Safety Harbor

Re: County reins in top executive | story, March 6

Some good ideas to hold down cost

I agree with the county administrator's proposal to combine curbside trash pickup and the recycling program, as it would be applicable to my unincorporated area. For years we have had more expensive service for trash pickup only.

The $15-$20 range is good, although $20 is our high end now. Curbside recycling would be much more convenient and utilized by property owners.

I applaud his tenacity to rein in costs for emergency medical service/fire service, as times have changed, with more costs but fewer dollars. It only makes sense! Do multiple trucks still have to be dispatched on all emergency calls?

Finally, one question. Will the new stormwater drainage fee become the rule in all areas, even if my subdivision is without a stormwater drainage system now?

Greg Tyillian, Clearwater

Pierogi Man vs. Statue of Liberty

I am concerned with selective enforcement of city codes regarding sign codes for businesses in Clearwater.

A few years ago, the Pierogi Grill on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard was fined for having a "Pierogi Man" on the property of the restaurant as an advertisement for the establishment.

One block east on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard at the present time, the Liberty Insurance and Income Tax Preparation Co. has a person dressed as the Statue of Liberty waving at cars, soliciting business. They also have a sandwich board sign on the sidewalk facing Gulf-to-Bay and another sandwich board sign facing Highland Avenue.

Unless the code has been changed, these are two violations of the city code.

I have sent an e-mail to both the mayor and the city manager and also reported these violations to the code enforcement department more than two weeks ago. I passed by and nothing has been enforced. I consider this selective enforcement. The Pierogi Man needs to come back!

Jim Ponticelli, Clearwater

Re: Largo annexations

Largo's taxes and fees kill business

More bully-boy, forced-annexation, job-killing, land-grabbing tactics from the Largo City Hall "mob."

According to reports, the Largo City Commission has voted to annex 123 acres of commercial property, a land grab that will clearly cost the county thousands of jobs due to Largo's sky-high taxes and fees. Largo businesses have much higher operating costs than county businesses.

Largo is not a good place to have a business. This city charges 16 percent taxes and franchise fees on business owners' electric bills (county businesses pay zero). This is the same city that gouges businesses for license fees (county businesses pay zero).

Largo's high taxes and fees have caused businesses to close, costing thousands of workers their jobs. Example: the Evatone company. I think it is time to close the city of Largo. The county could provide the same services for half the price. Example: Palm Harbor.

Bob Snow, Clearwater

Re: Who has the best drinking water? story, Feb. 26

How does our water rate?

Congrats to Dunedin. I would be interested to know how my water provider fared in this regional competition. Is there a reason the placement of the other water providers was not reported? Collusion? Embarrassment? Oversight? I think a followup article may be in order.

Don Welch, Clearwater

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