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Clearwater Beach parking garages make one-way streets a good idea

One-way streets will be safe move

Creating one-way streets in the tourist district on Clearwater Beach is an idea that needs to be implemented to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors. With two large parking garages being built on S Gulfview Boulevard that will both result in heavy traffic entering and leaving onto Coronado Drive, it makes sense to require all traffic exiting the garages to make a right turn onto Coronado and then loop around onto either Hamden Drive or South Gulfview to head back to the roundabout and Memorial Causeway.

Not only will this eliminate the need for motorists to attempt to cross lanes of southbound traffic to turn left from the garages, it will keep from creating a bottleneck and improve the traffic flow.

Pedestrians will also benefit by only having to cross against traffic heading one way.

This is a simple fix, easily accomplished with some restriping and new signs, of what would undoubtedly become a serious problem, and we laud the city's traffic operations manager, Paul Bertels, and our mayor and City Council for their proactive action on the issue.

It's a proven fact that one-way streets improve traffic flow and reduce accidents, and the Clearwater Beach Chamber of Commerce's Executive Committee recommends the implementation of this project.

Sheila Cole, executive director, Clearwater Beach Chamber of Commerce

Median trees block view of cars

Safety Harbor City Hall, what are you thinking? Do you realize that the foliage being planted in the middle of Philippe Parkway completely blocks the vision of oncoming traffic to every side street, starting at Grand Central (immediately after an existing blind curve from downtown) through Bay Place, Salem Street, Irwin Street and ending at Parkside? Then, further north, past Enterprise Road, is the same problem.

Every car entering Philippe Parkway has to pull out, block the oncoming lane (which also blocks anyone turning into the street from the other side), then wait for the oncoming traffic, close your eyes and floor it before another unseen vehicle traveling 40 mph threatens you.

We still have residents who stop at every intersection downtown because of the last supposed beautification downtown. People are blindly pulling out from side streets there, too. Did the same person head both projects?

When this project started, we all dealt with the barrels in the middle lane, thinking "Oh well, it's temporary." Now it's worse.

There should be no foliage above 6 inches in the middle of a narrow street. Please don't wait for a traffic fatality to recognize your error.

Cheryl Koon, Safety Harbor

Don't change trash collection

As an unincorporated Palm Harbor resident, I do not need or want the Pinellas County government dictating to me regarding who I choose for my garbage collection. I am very satisfied with my current service. They are courteous, efficient, responsive to my needs and their rates are extremely reasonable and very competitive.

I am sure Pinellas County will pick who it wants at the rate it feels is justified for the county's pocket!

Enough government interference. Yes, write, e-mail, fax, etc.,. Tell your officials you are against Pinellas County mandatory garbage collection. Enough is enough!

Maria Hoffman, Palm Harbor

Dancers were obstructing view

Pardon me for disagreeing with Oct. 28 letter writer Janie Place regarding her view that dancing and enthusiasm were not allowed at the Clearwater Jazz Holiday, but I think she's got it all wrong.

First, I don't believe she would have been "harassed" (her word) if she had, in fact, made sure she and her son were not blocking anyone's view of the big screen.

Second, rather than sitting in a "lethargic state," as Ms. Place suggests, my husband and I, as well as many of the people sitting behind us, were moving to the music while relaxing, watching the Neville Brothers on the screen, and enjoying the evening from the comfort of our lawn chairs.

As I twice told two different groups of people who were standing and blocking the screen view of those of us behind them, they were free to dance as much as they wanted, but the rest of us would sure appreciate it if they showed some consideration by standing and dancing behind those of us who were seated so that we could enjoy watching the Nevilles as well as listening to them.

Diane Kornick, Clearwater

Wallet's return a welcome surprise

There are no words sufficient to thank the person that returned my wallet, the trouble and stress they saved me, and the realization that there are still great, thoughtful, honest people in this world.

I went to Home Depot on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard in Clearwater. I placed my red wallet in the shopping cart. Arriving at home, I discovered I did not have my wallet. I immediately drove back to Home Depot, found the shopping cart, but no wallet. I left my number with Customer Service and went home with a heavy heart.

I spent a sleepless night and phoned Home Depot early the next morning.

Still, no one had turned in the wallet.

Leaving my home later, I locked my front door and my breath was taken away. There on the front doorstep was my wallet. Someone had returned it, with all contents the same as when I lost it. I appreciate this person more than they know.

Beverly Hyden, Clearwater

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Clearwater Beach parking garages make one-way streets a good idea 11/07/09 [Last modified: Friday, November 6, 2009 10:20pm]
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