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Code enforcers create headaches

Re: Shop baits code enforcers, story | Jan. 13

Code enforcers create headaches

Beware of the code enforcers. They are out there amongst us in their government vehicles, on government payrolls and collecting government benefits, cruising our neighborhoods and business districts trolling for code violations. Most of the time there isn't enough for these folks to do, so they hit the streets to remind us citizens of who's in charge and to justify and perpetuate their positions and remind us mortals that their work is for the greater good.

Here's a guy, bait and tackle shop owner Herb Quintero, who took a major risk to open a small tourist-friendly and family-friendly business in a formerly empty building in a marginal section of Clearwater, touting what has to be one of the bragging points of our area: an abundance of fish species. His mural is tasteful, colorful and professional.

For the enforcers to compare his mural to the possibility of an adult entertainment business putting up a mural of women in scant clothing or a funeral home depicting people in their caskets is such a stretch that it is absurd.

My suggestion is to leave this guy alone. Let him run his business. But if there are serious and justifiable complaints from the public that his mural is offensive, provocative, obscene or otherwise degrading to the city or neighborhood, then by all means bring in the enforcers.

I wonder how many citations have been issued to the area taggers and graffiti goofballs who seem to be able to spread their symbols and meaningless artwork throughout the city at will.

I suggest to Mr. Quintero that if the enforcers continue their campaign against him, he close up shop and move a couple of miles north to a more sane and hospitable community. He could then look over his shoulder and tell the enforcers to "fish somewhere else."

Paul J. Rooney, Tarpon Springs

Re: Shop baits code enforcers | story, Jan. 13

Times are hard; codes, ridiculous

You would think that in these difficult economic times, the city of Clearwater would be buying this man more paint. Maybe they would rather have another empty building.

Yes, that's what we need! After all, there is a homeless problem. Maybe the homeless can move in after the simple-minded code enforcers drive him out of business. Then we will have one derelict building, no tax revenue, one more man on unemployment and maybe his employees.

City fathers, you showed him who the power is. Don't look around and wonder why business isn't growing downtown. Just look in the mirror.

Bob Jerome, Clearwater

Leave bait shop owner alone

Great job, city of Clearwater! Way to harass the owners of one of the better looking buildings in our downtown area.

The bait shop's mural is nothing more than a reflection of the lifestyle of our waterfront community.

Eric Elsesser, Clearwater

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