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Construction project is widely opposed; will officials listen?

Re: Land use/rezoning request for Bayside Reserves, 162nd Street N and 49th Street N, off Roosevelt Boulevard

Project widely opposed; will officials listen?

In September 2007, eight residents and senior citizens opposed this rezoning request to permit construction of apartments and homes.

At the April 11, 2008, examiners hearing, 10 residents and two Audubon Society members opposed the rezoning application. A petition with 48 signatures was submitted in opposition to the project.

Last month, 132 signatures contained in letters were delivered to the county Planning and Zoning Department, all in opposition to the project. An additional 325 signatures were delivered to Brian Smith, chairman of the county's Local Planning Agency. In addition, 33 residents attended the public hearing, all opposed to the Bayside Reserves project.

Not one local resident has expressed support for the application!

The County Commission hearing on this case, originally scheduled for June 17, has been delayed until July 22 so the LPA can forward its findings, which will include facts and relevant information gathered from residents. The delay also will give the commissioners time to review the many suggestions, concerns and attachments turned in by the local residents who oppose the project. Residents hope the commission gets their message.

The hearing is set for 6:30 p.m. July 22 on the fifth floor of the County Courthouse, 315 Court St. in Clearwater. Residents will be there and they will be united.

Residents hope the county commissioners are listening and taking their concerns seriously. Quality-of-life issues, inadequate streets, and serious health and safety issues are just some of the reasons residents object. Enough already! Vote no.

Rick Shott, Clearwater

Re: Last kid in group crossing U.S. 19 died after being struck by truck story, June 4

Children always need adult supervision

Parents, close family members and other adults can sometimes talk to children until they're "blue in the face." They can tell them not to cross dangerous U.S. 19, not to swim in the deep end of the pool, etc., but kids will be kids. And there's a good chance they will do exactly what they've been told not to do.

Kids need adult supervision, because their brains are not yet fully developed and therefore they can't be expected to always make a wise decision.

It was a tragic ending to 12-year-old Giovanni Tejamanil's happy but brief life. He was struck and killed by a truck late on May 31 while trying to cross U.S. 19 in Clearwater. In my opinion, young Giovanni should have been tucked away in bed at 11 p.m. At that hour, no child should be allowed to be "hanging out" with friends, especially without being accompanied by a mature adult.

My hope is that parents will take heed and also read the St. Petersburg Times' June 4 editorial, Safety of kids takes our vigilance in summer. Unfortunately, it is too late for Giovanni. It's not too late for others to begin preparing for a safe summer vacation.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

Only the uncaring don't spay, neuter their pets

I just saw something very tragic on the Friends of Strays marquee: "Over 300 cats for adoption."

I cannot believe that some people do not spay and neuter their pets. You are the most ignorant people on this planet. And the ones that dump their pets for whatever reason — there is not one reason good enough — you are the most uncaring people on this planet.

With so many ignorant and uncaring people on this Earth, no wonder it's a mess. Please spay and neuter your pets. There are so many discount programs available.

Belinda Blease, Largo

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