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Container deposit would curb Pasco roadside trash

Study aside, a glance at our roads reveals trash C.T. Bowen column, Jan. 17

Container deposit would curb trash

What is totally missing from your discussion about road litter and recycling is the fact Florida and Pasco County are not container deposit friendly.

States with a container deposit law, a bottle bill as they are called, have significantly less plastic bottles and cans along roads simply because stores that sell products in these containers take on the responsibility of disposing of the containers with readily available can crushers and recycling areas right at the stores.

It is amazing to me that you would say, How can we reach these smoking, beer drinking, fast food container tossing people? The answer is there is no way to reach them. With your yearly attempts to clean up their heathen habits, they have you trained.

The only way to reach them is the long arm of the law at the back of their collars, put an orange outfit on them and have them do the litter pick ups, not you and your environmental friends. But the long arm of the law has its hands full in Pasco and so we continue to pick up the Bud Light cans in our own neighborhoods and fill up the blue bags and blue boxes, as if the beer cans were our own.

A simple bottle bill would get some of these heathens to cash in on their cans, and leave us out of their miserable circuit.

Kathy Lambert, Dade City

Follow the money to see priorities

As taxpayer and employee of Pasco County Fire Rescue, I have been paying a lot of attention to the Pasco County/Sportsplex USA deal. I know that the county had about $11 million earmarked to have Sportsplex (which the County has already paid $60,000 for a study) build ball fields, and host events for tourist revenues.

Fire Rescue and all other Pasco county employees gave up their pay raises for this budget year, while others in this county give up jobs due to the fact that they say we have no money.

Now, commissioners agreed to back both tourism projects — Sportsplex USA and Saddlebrook's proposal — after learning they have more money than expected to build sports venues. County attorneys said commissioners could combine tourism revenue, impact fees and unspent bond proceeds from 2003, creating a pool of $35.5 million. That money would go for construction only, not operations or maintenance.

This shows again that when the county wants to find money they will. They just poor-mouth their employees and badmouth the Emergency Services Department to the public by holding fellow firefighters' jobs over our heads. They wait until the day we give in and hand back our well-deserved raise then announce that the Safer Act Grant (which would save these firefighting positions) is now available. How convenient.

They now spend money or bonds from back in 2003 that I'm sure all county departments could have used. Out of nowhere an $11 million project now becomes a $35 million deal.

Maybe Commissioners Jack Mariano and Ted Schrader can back all county employees now since they also have some issues with this whole deal. I wonder how many more bonds are available.

The county is going to ask for repeated cuts to public services that you and I pay for, plus ask for tax increase. Is it really okay that they go forward with these type projects and continue to cut our services?

I hope that our Pasco County Fire Rescue Local 4420 has the backbone to not only question how all this money is spent, but to also adamantly refuse any further cuts from Pasco's Emergency Services.

Steve Lynch, San Antonio

Re: Fuel tanks need upgrade

Incompetence mars cleanup law

For someone who has dealt with the California State Water Resources Board on a clean up of a defunct gas station, I say if you own a gas station and haven't complied yet, shame on you.

But, if you are part of the agency that is suppose to enforce this 19-year-old law, well then you're incompetent. By the way, giving anybody more time to comply is still incompetence.

Get with the program and institute the laws. That is the problem with this state. Every agency is not shorthanded or short on funds, they are just flat out lazy.

I love this state, but shake my head all the time.

Frank Burskey, Spring Hill

Pooch moment gives us hope

We were in a drug store recently and I bought a couple of new squeaky toys. The young man at the checkout counter said, "What kind of dog do you have?" I said, "She's a mix, mostly terrier."

At which point, my husband whipped out his phone and showed the clerk a picture of DaCee, our pooch. Then the clerk pulled out his phone and showed us pictures of his three dogs, identifying each by name.

Just when you think the whole world's rotten, something happens and you realize, it's still good. Small pockets of good maybe, but good nonetheless.

Sheron Kitchens, Spring Hill

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