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Corporation is trying to steal county park

Corporation tries to steal park

After only one month of loss of focus, the Brooksville Vision Foundation announced it was going to concentrate on getting the Hernando County park transferred from county to city ownership.

The Florida Blueberry Festival and the Brooksville Vision Foundation are private corporations that claim not to operate for a profit. But has anyone seen any financial filings from the Blueberry Festival? This is a private corporation that now wants to steal the Hernando County park, an asset worth approximately $1.7 million, from the taxpayers of Hernando County.

This foundation got the Brooksville city government, and the state government, to allow them to block public roads for an entire weekend.

The foundation came before the County Commission asking permission to cut down some trees, take down the fences and nets on the tennis courts, put up some bleachers, and put up a fence around our park. They cut down a tree that could have been saved with a little time and care, put up a wall for which they never got permission and failed miserably at protecting the surface of the tennis courts. For what?

As it turned out the entertainment was so lame that no one was enticed to attend until they dropped the admission. Shrubs were never installed around the fence as promised, and the county had to resurface the tennis courts at a considerable expense. I sure hope that the vision for Brooksville is better thought out than that Blueberry Festival. It is at the wrong time of the year and the wrong location for walking.

The taxpayers own that park. We are the ones that should be able to make the decisions as to what is done with our park. And until the foundation discloses its financial information from the Blueberry Festival, I would say we don't even talk to them about using the park next year.

Dennis Purdy, Brooksville

Blight is proof of officials' failure

Our local government's effectiveness can be measured by observing the blight of our neighborhoods. As an avid runner I observe up close the ineffectiveness of public officials charged with ensuring our tax dollars are used for positive impact of this community.

Using Deltona Boulevard as an example, we find broken sidewalks attributed to being run over and parked on by utility vehicles as well as by private construction vehicles and machinery. Brush and vegetation overgrowth makes passage on certain spots difficult if not impossible for the physically challenged using mobility devices. Rutted land abutting the walks provides ample opportunity for broken ankles when a pedestrian is forced off the sidewalk to circumvent vehicles whose owners feel they have a right to extend their driveways via use of the public walkways. Side street "stop'' signs placed after sidewalks provide a potential tragedy as our sleepy-eyed children make their way to school.

Our officials fail miserably with protecting the basic health, safety and welfare of the pedestrians.

Walter Kozak, Spring Hill

Attire lacks look of a professional | Aug. 19 letter

Teacher's dress was appropriate

While I respect the writer's right to her opinion I must address her recent the regarding a teacher's lack of professionalism.

Jen Campbell was not wearing a baggy and sloppy T-shirt as suggested by the letter. She was wearing a lovely green dress and was totally appropriately attired to meet her new students and their parents at open house. Her classroom was organized and decorated ready to welcome her new students. I know this because I was at Spring Hill Elementary open house and saw both Ms. Campbell and her classroom. I am not a parent of a student but a 60-year-old who volunteers at the school.

I would like to suggest that it is the letter writer who lacks professionalism as her inaccurate assessment and critical letter was totally inappropriate and uncalled for. I believe she owes the teacher an apology. Perhaps instead of writing untruthful letters to the editor, she could more wisely spend her time volunteering at a school.

Ginger Barrett, Brooksville

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