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Corruption taints politics, business

Corruption taints politics, business

Being a faithful daily reader of letters to the editor, today I hit the wall regarding the crap and corruption going on in politics, economics, the environment, morality, et al.

One of the things I've always liked about myself was my positive, upbeat, nonjudgmental, accepting attitude. Bleech! So much has been revealed these past few years that I, too, have finally joined the ranks of the thoroughly saddened, disappointed, disillusioned, disgusted and enraged citizens, customers, clients, recipients and constituents (did I miss anyone?).

My political affiliation is not important. It's my sense of morality that's highly offended. In spite of my personal feelings, it's not that Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky; the lying and cheating spoke volumes about his moral core or lack thereof and he still got elected to the highest office in the nation. (Huh?)

It's not entirely all about the hopeful but ill-equipped families who wanted to live the American dream of home ownership. It's the unscrupulous real estate investors, mortgage brokers/bankers, the poisonous pervasive greed of the banking/financial services industry in general from hometown to Wall Street.

It's about the all-consuming egotistical greed and premeditated avarice of the petroleum companies; local, state and federal governments; lobbyists; public utilities; and drug companies and insurance companies hell-bent on gouging the consumer.

As much as I've learned to wholeheartedly distrust the media (in general) for the sin of sensationalist reporting, which obviously sells, I salute them for uncovering the who, what, where, why and how it most likely all happened. What the media have done is largely expose or at least pick the edges of the festering scab of corruption, which allowed the infection to be researched and identified.

The media enlightenment has saddened those of us who really wanted to believe that mankind is basically good, commitments are real, the Constitution is the law, recycling works, and Sunday mornings are spent in church, not sleeping off a cocaine high from the night before. Somewhere between "left" reporting and "right" reporting lies actual reality, a balanced accounting of facts.

So much for the masses of normal, well adjusted, happy, eternal optimists. I've recently and reluctantly joined the very sad ranks of the disenchanted realists. Color me an angry, frustrated, disappointed woman, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend and business owner. Dang! Sad, huh?

Lynn Kraft, Clearwater

Texting, driving should be banned

While on my way home from work, I was stopped at a light on S Fort Harrison Avenue near Morton Plant Hospital. The vehicle next to me, in the left turning lane, was driven by a woman who was visibly texting. I noticed that she'd glance up now and then to see if the light turned green. However, when she saw that the light had changed, she still continued with her texting, which probably caused some motorists to miss the light.

Just a couple of months ago, I received a newsletter from my insurance company. One of the topics mentioned was texting while driving. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, taking one's eyes off the road for more than two seconds doubles the risk of a crash.

Texting while driving can kill. I implore our Florida legislators to pass a bill banning texting while driving. Eighteen states and Washington, D.C., have already passed such laws. What are we waiting for?

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

ER care excellent in this county

I recently had a medical problem. My wife and I decided that I needed transport to the emergency room. I was unable to move, let alone get into a car. From the time the 911 operator answered until I was placed on a bed in the ER, the service was outstanding. All the people from the 911 operator to the Clearwater Fire Rescue and the paramedics were professional, efficient and most of all, caring.

Several years ago we were in an auto accident in another county. Believe me, Clearwater/Pinellas has them beat hands down.

Our thanks to everyone involved in taking care of me.

John L. Blechschmidt, Clearwater

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