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Could now-closed Palm Harbor Elementary be an IB solution?

Speed controls on Anclote are necessity editorial, Oct. 6

No-wake zone is unnecessary

Are the people who are proposing a no-wake zone at the mouth of the Anclote River boaters? I doubt it. I believe this should only be decided by Anclote River boaters.

A public boat ramp is located at this wide and deep part of the river mouth where it enters the Gulf of Mexico. Boaters entering the channel need to yield to oncoming boats, just like cars entering the highway.

I boat every weekend on the Anclote River and, naturally, I feel terrible about the fatal accident there, but most accidents stem from driver error. These boats are not speeding, most are just on plane. There is a big difference.

The problem is the boats entering the channel from the boat ramp. Instead of entering the channel and getting on plane, most of them I witness idle into the channel. It's like merging onto Interstate 75 driving only 25 mph when the other cars are going 70 mph. There will be accidents. Would you drop the speed on I-75 down to 25 mph at each ramp?

I propose a sign at the boat ramp stating "Resume speed when entering the channel" so everyone is moving at the same speed, just like on the highway. This is Boating 101.

The river is very long and a no-wake zone in that deep channel there is not needed. To prevent accidents, inexperienced boaters should take safety classes, learn their rights-of-way and pay more attention when on the water, and there will be fewer accidents.

Jim D'Piazza, Holiday

When government services go a la carte | Diane Steinle column, Oct. 10

Cost explanation helps to clarify

Thanks for once again explaining the rising costs in today's city services.

It does seem cruel in a way to deny anyone fire service protection, but when the cost is no longer covered by our taxes, we just have to cough up the fee or do without. It's plain and simple, but most don't understand, so thanks for a clear explanation. I always enjoy your columns.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Proposal to move the Palm Harbor High IB program

How about closed P.H. elementary ?

I just had to write and ask why our Pinellas County School Board doesn't open up former Palm Harbor Elementary School for the high school International Baccalaureate program.

If Palm Harbor University High School is having students go to classes in 39-plus portable classrooms on the PHUHS campus, why not walk down a few blocks and see what happened to Palm Harbor Elementary? It was closed by our wonderful School Board almost two years ago and is still sitting empty after displacing 500 kids, teachers and staff, some who still cannot find a job.

My children are no longer in the Pinellas County school system and I thank God for that. People, think before you jump!

Jayne Zeiler, Palm Harbor

Old fashioned vinegar a winner

After reading the report about chalky dishwasher residue left on dishes in the Morningside area of Clearwater, I realized I wasn't alone. I live in an unincorporated area between Largo and Seminole. I've had the problem for about six months.

I did not realize the dishwasher detergent formulas had changed. I researched the symptom on the manufacturer's website and the solution seemed to be making sure the water temperature was right, not using too much detergent and making sure the rinse aid dispenser was working. Since all that was already fine, the trouble was something else.

I finally hit upon my own simple solution: I add about two cups of vinegar to the last rinse. Now I'm back to "squeaky" clean dishes, glassware and utensils. The problem doesn't rank up there with global strife or weather disasters, but it is one of those distracting irritations in life that has either to be cured or endured.

Margaret Chiarelli, Largo

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Could now-closed Palm Harbor Elementary be an IB solution? 10/16/10 [Last modified: Saturday, October 16, 2010 3:03pm]
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