Monday, December 11, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Country living includes country noise and odor

Peacocks vs. neighbors Feb. 17 article

Surprise: Nature can be noisy

Give me a break from these Johnny-come-lately city folk who move to rural Hernando County and then begin whining about a barking dog or, in this case, a peacock's call.

I have lived in the northeast of Hernando County for 25 years and have known Bernard Iscla for 27 years. He has lived on his five-acre ranchette longer than I have known him, he has kept and bred peacocks and exotic birds for more than 30 years.

Now comes the Horaks who love the outdoors and like to garden, but don't seem to like the sounds of nature.

Well, surprise: People who live in the country keep and raise livestock, whether it be horses, cows, hogs, donkeys, chickens or exotic birds. Another surprise: Livestock whine, moo and crow at 5 a.m. And, horror of horrors, sometimes the animals smell.

Bernard Iscla is a good and decent man and neighbor who doesn't deserve this nonsense from interlopers.

Roland Medeiros, Brooksville

Award for woman's shooting is misguided | Feb. 15, Dan DeWitt column

Shooting didn't have to happen

I completely agree with columnist Dan DeWitt's comments regarding the award of valor resulting from the tragic and avoidable death of Inga Marie Swanson.

An officer of any police force takes an oath of duty to protect their citizens from harm, be it to others or to themselves. Clearly Ms. Swanson was in distress, vulnerable and a possible threat to herself and others. From her action's it appears she could have been Baker Acted for her own well being.

Once the officers confronted her and noted her need of assistance, they should have remained with her, attempted to assist her and if necessary constrain her until the summoned help arrived. That should have been their compassionate and responsible duty as officers of the police, whether on or off duty. What happened next was a tragic and avoidable loss of life and I sympathize with Ms. Swanson's family as well as the involved officers, as I am sure they continue to question themselves as to what they should have done and their remorse at taking a human life.

However, this tragic event was not an act of valor and Sheriff Nienhuis should not have pursued it. Unfortunately, today many organizations become so focused on maintaining their image that they make misguided decisions — decisions that tarnish the true value of clear and unquestioned acts of valor in the eyes on all.

Donald R. Ruths, Lt. Colonel, USAF, retired, Brooksville

Police had no choice but to act

Have you heard of 20/20 hindsight? That's what they say people have who begrudge law enforcement officers for receiving a medal of valor for killing an armed, naked woman.

It turns out the woman's gun was not loaded and it was broken. How were the officers to know? A gun in the hands of a person is a threat to kill. If it's aimed at a law enforcement officer, he has no choice but to defend himself.

For those who fell the officers acted in haste, please reconsider and pat the officers on the back with a "well done.''

Nick Morana, Spring Hill


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