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Coyote shot, left to suffer for hours in Seminole

Coyote packs

Coyote shot, left to suffer for hours

I understand the desire to make our communities safer by controlling coyote populations and aggressiveness, but do not believe that this is a matter that should be taken up by residents of our communities.

About two days ago, my mother had an injured coyote take shelter under the shade of her flower bed just a foot away from her front door. Someone had shot the animal in the chest, leaving his hind legs paralyzed — he was obviously suffering a great deal of pain. We called Animal Services, only to learn that they "do not 'deal' with coyotes." Our neighbor called Florida Fish and Wildlife and was told that it was probably just a female with mange — and to leave it be.

Not only did this animal lie suffering by my mom's house, but I believe it could have posed a threat to any child or animal that got too close to it, as injured animals are known to act more aggressively.

Eventually a sheriff's deputy came to the rescue, placing the suffering, near-death animal in the back of his cruiser. We can only guess that he took it somewhere to be euthanized after nearly seven hours of suffering.

Something should be done to secure our neighborhoods and the well-being of these wild animals. Someone needs to take action, and it shouldn't be the public.

Ashley Chango, Seminole

Sidewalks, please

Every evening when my 6-year-old daughter and I walk the dog, we are constantly dodging cars because we have to walk in the street.

Why, in a city as wonderful as St. Petersburg, aren't there sidewalks in many neighborhoods?

How about using some of the stimulus money to build sidewalks? It would make our citizens safer and create jobs.

Yvonne Ortiz, St. Petersburg

Not so black and white | March 29, story

Praise for principal

My daughters graduated from Lakewood High School.

They had a wonderful high school experience.

They were never threatened or bullied. They treated their peers and persons of authority with respect and they were treated with respect by those same persons.

Principal Dennis Duda should be commended for his approach to dealing with difficult students. Positive behavior modification and intervention is the ticket to student success.

Nanette S. Tandfast, St. Petersburg

Killer whales seen in gulf March 26, story

Whale of a show

This story brought to mind a visit to the Seattle area in 2002.

We took an all-day boat excursion into the Juan de Fuca Strait off Vancouver, British Columbia, to view orca whales.

We saw several pods, and several times one would jump straight up and out of the water. It was generally the leader. The tour guide called this the whale's presentation to the pod.

The boat captain shut down the engine and we just drifted around the several pods. At times, they would almost touch the hull and swim by the boat as dolphins do here.

Donald Kreis, Largo

Water restrictions

Timing is wrong

I can appreciate the need for water restrictions, but question the instructions to water from midnight to 4 a.m. I always understood that watering at those hours promoted mold and fungus in the dirt and grass, which will only add to our current problems.

Sounds like we go from one extreme to the other. I'd rather see one day a week watering for just a couple of hours during the late day, which can make it beneficial for our lawns, not add fuel to an already blazing fire.

Lee Kuhlman, Pinellas Park

Honest employees

I would like to commend all the good people who work at Wal-Mart Store No. 5218 on 34th Street S. On a recent Saturday, while checking out, I accidently hit "cash back" for $40, didn't realize it and left without the cash. I went back with my receipt the following Tuesday. (My husband said, "Your chances of getting your money are about as good as seeing it snow in St. Pete.") A nice young lady, Dana, went into the office, found a cashier had caught my faux pas, and I got my money!

It is so good to know that there are honest and caring people in our community. Unfortunately, they don't make headlines.

Laura Lee Warner, St. Petersburg

Money woes put many in IndyCar on hot seat | April 1, story

Race costs rise

Apparently, the IRL folks have discovered what the NASCAR people found out months ago: Money is tight. Now it's become more expensive not to see a race!

In previous years there was no gate charge on the Friday (non-race day) before the race weekend. Apparently the race promoters now have decided to charge fans to enter and watch … what? Previously, fans spent money with a variety of vendors selling everything from sunscreen to ice cream to race programs. Not this year! I suspect more than a few folks were not eager to pay $25 for the opportunity to just stroll around.

Phil Sachs, St. Petersburg

Give police thanks

I attended the Festival of States night parade Thursday.

A good time was had by all — plenty of laughter, cheering and clapping for the race car drivers, floats and clowns.

At the end of the parade route came our city police. Suddenly, everyone became quiet. No claps, no cheers. These men and women protect us every day!

Too bad no one could give them their due.

Geneva R. Martin, St. Petersburg

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