Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Crescent Community Clinic provides services for uninsured patients

Crescent Community Clinic, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit health care organization, has provided access to health care for Hernando County residents, ages 18 to 64, who do not have insurance since 2008. Services provided include chronic health care, palliative dental care and behavioral health.

Free health care comes with a price that the clinic is willing to accept, although patients are encouraged to donate what their resources allow. Fundraising events and grants supplement the budget.

Licensed physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, nurse practitioners, medical support personnel, dentists and dental support personnel volunteer their time and are covered under the state of Florida sovereign immunity program. These dedicated individuals and their services have saved millions of dollars in hospital charity care.

Since inception, more than 27,000 patient visits have been provided. Spring Hill MRI has provided diagnostic tests, and surgeons have provided specialized surgery for our indigent patients. Bayfront Health Brooksville has provided lab services. Without the generosity of these businesses, our patients would not have access to managing their chronic health conditions, relief from dental issues or lifesaving mental health therapy.

Cancer patients have the opportunity to have free wigs, bras, hats, turbans, prosthetics and caring and compassionate counseling from a cancer survivor at the clinic's Boutique of Hope. Anyone in the community can call or stop by the clinic and check out items in our medical equipment exchange and for a donation receive walkers, shower chairs, Foley catheters, crutches, oxygen concentrator, commode seats, CPAP machines, hernia support, braces for knees, sitz baths, canes, moist heat packs, boots, ankle braces, cervical collars and other items.

Our goal is to encourage patients to be advocates for their own health through our diabetes and healthy weight programs. If the cost of medication is unaffordable, we encourage our patients to sign up for free medication through pharmaceutical prescription assistance programs. The clinic is a member of the Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

It is our belief that a healthy individual will be more independent and become a productive member of society. Please visit our website at crescentclinic.org to learn more or to apply for services. Stop by 5244 Commercial Way in Spring Hill and take a tour of the clinic any day except Thursday or Sunday. For more information call (352) 610-9916, ext. 102.

Barbara Sweinberg, Administrator, Crescent Community Clinic


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