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Criticism about County Administrator David Hamilton's dredging decisions is shocking

Criticism about Hamilton shocks

We were flabbergasted to read the criticism of our County Administrator David Hamilton by Commissioner Jeff Stabins. We feel that at least now we have a good county administrator who is quite capable of making decisions. Why is Mr. Stabins upset about this? What we think is that Commissioner Stabins is wishy-washy and cannot stand by his decisions. One example is the report card he gave Mr. Hamilton not very long ago.

We have lived on a canal in Hernando Beach for many years and have had several boats. We also have a good friend that was almost killed in the channel on her husband's boat because of the terrible curve, shallow water and the rocks in the channel. We, like many others, have had to move out of Hernando Beach and sell our home, at a loss might I add, after almost two decades of no one having guts enough to make the decision to go forward with this project. We were afraid of being hurt in the channel also.

We praise Administrator Hamilton for allowing himself to make the right decision to continue along the lines to continue this dredge project. I am sure it will save lives and the people in Hernando County will be able to enjoy the beautiful gulf waters of our county.

It seems to us that Commissioner Stabins is the person who has been cavalier, conniving and coldhearted, not David Hamilton.

We believe that Administrator Hamilton has the best interest of the people in Hernando County at heart. He said he has no social ties to the project manager and I believe him. So what if his wife is the chief fundraiser of the Nature Coast Arc? These poor people needed help and Greg Jarque was a superb choice as project manager since he came in under budget and four months early.

It seems to me, Mr. Stabins is envious of this fact. What has he done for his constituents lately? How long has Stabins been politically serving this county and the state of Florida while this dredge fiasco has been going on and what positive input has he personally contributed?

Pam Pastick, Spring Hill

Fire district ignoring voters

On Tuesday, the Spring Hill Fire District is once again petitioning the Board of County Commission to levy and collect ad valorem taxes on its behalf. In doing so, it is thumbing its nose at the election process that on Aug. 24, 2010, denied it that very ability.

The public spoke in that election and denied the district the ability to levy ad valorem taxes up to 2.5 mills by a majority of 58.88 percent. The county commissioners rightfully rejected their previous request by a 5-0 vote.

The Fire District under the Florida statutes has alternative means for establishing funding. First, they had the ability to go before the voters regarding assessing a non ad valorem tax but chose not do anything for six months after the election. Second, like the state judicial system, they have the ability to declare a fiscal emergency and apply to the governor's office for financial assistance. They have done neither and are running out of time before the next fiscal year.

This stunning lack of foresight and disrespect for the voters should be a warning signal to all residents of Spring Hill. The board of fire commissioners and the administration do not have the capability to lead an independent district. The employees, friends and families of the district have the attitude that the residents should just give them their tax money, not be allowed to express any opinion that is contrary to their interests and let business as usual continue.

The will of the voters cannot and should not be ignored. A separate fire district is an inefficient and expensive anachronism that should be dissolved and merged into Hernando County Fire and Rescue.

Anne Kraus-Keenan, Spring Hill

Criticism about County Administrator David Hamilton's dredging decisions is shocking 04/07/11 [Last modified: Thursday, April 7, 2011 5:44pm]
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