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Criticism of Hooters off the mark, prudish

Re: Hooters, Starbucks coming | story, July 14

Criticism off the mark, prudish

Self-proclaimed Clearwater activist Anne Garris has never been to Hooters, but she claims to "know of its reputation." In her learned opinion, the restaurant does not fit the beach's "wholesome atmosphere." Hide the children, Mable, they might actually see some good-looking women, who, by the way, are tastefully dressed and working hard to serve the public.

So you are a prude. We get it. But what right does that give you to foist your Victorian morals on anyone else? You don't like Hooters, good for you. Then stay away.

And please, in the future, don't make insinuations about places you have never been to. It makes your argument so worthless.

Ray Setzke, Clearwater Beach

Re: City could pay off Pickles story, July 16

City in big pickle; taxpayers suffer

In an effort to demolish the Harborview Center, it appears as though the city of Clearwater is going to be paying $668,000 to the owners of Pickles Plus Too deli, just to get them out of the building. All things considered, I'd say that the city of Clearwater is in one big pickle. Worse yet, Pickles has taken one big bite out of our taxpayer dollars, leaving a mighty sour taste in my mouth.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

Re: Caddy's draws a line in the sand | story, July 14

What did race have to do with it?

While reading Times staff writer Danny Valentine's article regarding the beachfront ownership issue, I was taken aback by a small comment, that had no direct impact on the article, but shaded the entire issue.

While describing a crowd that "spilled" over from a private party onto Caddy's property, the writer inserted the comment, "More than 500 people, almost all black, overwhelmed the Lions Club of St. Petersburg event hall..." What does race have to do with anything at question here? Why did the writer feel it necessary to point out the color of the crowd? Nowhere else in the article was race mentioned.

The fact that this racist comment was allowed to be printed is disturbing to me. Would the writer have made the same comment if the crowd had been almost all white? Or Hispanic? Or Jewish?

Comments like this keep racist attitudes smoldering just below the surface and take the focus off of the issue at hand. This comment feeds the fear of others "not like us," perpetuates racial stereotypes, and wrongfully implicates an entire group of people for some perceived wrongdoing.

Comments like this make me question the objectivity of the writer and of the editorial staff that allowed it to be printed.

Matt Buckman, Belleair

Re: Budget calls for spending increase | story, July 13

Start cutting back speeding deputies

The article states that the number of jobs would go down to help pay for the spending by Pinellas County. I would recommend the county administrator look at cutting a few deputies in Oldsmar. I would start with the guy in the unmarked police car that I saw doing 60 mph down Forest Lakes Boulevard within a few feet of school kids waiting for their bus. By the way, he was chasing a speeder, though he was the only one I saw driving dangerously. Oldsmar is a two-cop town, at most, but it is one of the most profitable areas for police revenue, both for the cops and the town.

Kelly McClung, Oldsmar

Bright House, mall patron help

I would like to say a big thank you to a man who helped me today.

At about 2:30 p.m. I was slowly circling the parking area of Countryside Mall looking for a parking space. I walk with great difficulty and all the spots were filled.

A man and his wife were walking away from the stores and I asked them if they were going to vacate a parking spot. He said they were, but it was very far from the buildings. I thanked them and was going to drive on looking when he asked me if he could help.

I wasn't sure how he could, but I told him I was trying to park to take a cable box in to Bright House to exchange for another one. He told me to follow him and park along the curb with my flashers on and he would go in and see if a Bright House employee could come out to the car and help. He did and right away a very nice young lady came out and took the old box, went in and returned with my exchange.

I wish to thank both the man, his wife and the young Bright House lady for their kindness. It is so nice to meet people like these. It renews one's faith in the goodness of people.

John H. Fryer, Clearwater

Stranger's good deed a kind lesson

I want to send a sincere thank you to the kind person who found and mailed my daughter's driver's license back to her. It proves to the younger generation that there still are kind, honest people in this world.

Whoever found it took the time to address an envelope, pay for a stamp and show concern that this legal document got back to its rightful owner.

She is only 19 and was a wreck when she lost it somewhere in Oldsmar. She has heard about identity theft and was afraid it would be found and misused. We live in Hernando County and we are happy to have it back.

Danielle Fritz, Spring Hill

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