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Day workers need their tennis time

Re: Most tennis courts go dark | story Nov. 4

Day workers need their tennis time

Please leave the lights on. Surely there must be a better place to cut costs than the lights at Clearwater city tennis courts.

We keep charging our residents higher taxes and every utility we need has gone up in price. And yet, we want to remove nighttime recreation facilities for those who work days and need the night to keep their bodies in shape with a tennis game.

I think we need to think about the taxpayer and what our taxes are used for and not try to save by punishing those who play tennis after the sun goes down, especially here in Florida.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Re: Most tennis courts go dark and Longer bar hours okay on weekends | Nov. 4.

More bar hours, less tennis time?

Gee, wouldn't it be wiser to allow tennis courts to stay open and available after dark than it would to allow bars to remain open through the wee hours of the morning? Playing tennis helps to keep people fit, while bars help to get people drunk. And when people get drunk they're a menace to themselves, others and especially problematic on the roadways.

Which is more valuable to the people, tennis courts or bars? It's a real no-brainer as to which should remain open late for entertainment purposes.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

Re: County administrator's secrecy about consultant's EMS report because of "sensitivity."

Did we lose our open government?

By what authority, rule of law or code of business ethics does the county administrator and the select committee he recruited consider this "sensitive"?

Is this his choice alone and his directive? Keeping information about any subject open, transparent and accessible surely supports your job performance, wouldn't you think? Isn't this a democracy?

This kind of governmental action by those in authority is aggravating, disturbing and unexplainable to the public.

It has been a year and money has been spent for a secret. Mr. Administrator, with your select committee, open up the problem to those it will affect and who will ultimately pay the burden. You are making the issue prolonged and more costly in the end.

Donald Kreis, Largo

Why not red lights for crosswalks?

Most of the 13.5 miles of Gulf Boulevard is a four-lane road. Driving on Gulf Boulevard are a fair percentage of tourists unfamiliar with the crosswalks or what the state law is concerning pedestrians in the crosswalks. Many of the drivers are busy looking around at the beach, homes or other distractions.

Does the Florida Department of Transportation really believe that those on drugs or alcohol will be conscious enough to care about taking a little yellow flag with them when they cross the road?

On 102nd Avenue N, just west of 113th Street in Seminole, there is an on-demand red light to stop traffic for those using the Pinellas Trail. Why don't the cities and towns along Gulf Boulevard demand that DOT make each crosswalk an on-demand red light? Most drivers will stop for that.

Get rid of the yellow flags and yellow flashing lights. Red means stop: Someone is in the crosswalk.

Dale Carnell, Redington Shores

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