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Dear drivers: Use your heads

Dear drivers:

Use your heads

Good sense and common courtesy seem to be foreign concepts to some who live and travel in Hernando County. It never ceases to amaze me how rude and thoughtless people become when they climb behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

At our workplace we are required to be spotters for the forklift drivers, and at times this requires diverting traffic around our work area if we are unloading a truck or moving material. Long before the drivers reach us they can see those bright orange or yellow vests and they can see the forklift moving; still they will pull up within inches of us, wanting us to move so they can pass — even after we have motioned for them to take a secondary route. What do those drivers suppose would happen if the forklift suddenly toppled or dropped the load just as they were passing?

Use good sense and common courtesy, folks. This is for your safety, too.

L.M. Robinson, Brooksville

Re: Superintendent seeks 14% raise, two-year extension on contract | April 25, story

Raise request hardly out of line

The superintendent's raise request would have put him at less than average for superintendents of districts this size. The perception that this is negative simply demonstrates how poorly we value education.

The request would have put him on par with the Hernando County administrator. The county administrator has fewer employees and a smaller budget.

The superintendent has not asked for an assistant. Most districts have at least one assistant superintendent. This has saved our district more than $100,000. When combined with the reorganization savings of $400,000, our superintendent has saved more than a half-million dollars!

As a longtime resident of this county, I say shame on board member Jim Malcolm. It is petty jealousy like his that will keep residents from ever earning an average wage for the job they do. Also, if the superintendent wants to give back to the community by teaching a class, he should be applauded, not berated. A little professional courtesy would go a long way.

Negotiations are negotiations. I was uncomfortable reading the article concerning the superintendent's request as it was used to undermine his character. If this is news, it should be presented in a fair and balanced manner. The truth is that he may not receive the raise he asked for, but it was not an unreasonable request considering the outstanding job he has done to this point. It would still place him at less than average for superintendents of districts this size. If the board doesn't give him everything he asks for that is fine, but his request should not have been used to damage his reputation.

Watch the board members. The board members who do not support a raise for the superintendent will not support a raise for teachers. It is time that all of our educational employees earn an average day's wage for what is, in most instances, a superior day's work.

W. Buscemi, Brooksville

Great work on Bayport Park

My family went on our boat recently and decided to go around to Bayport Park to see what the Hernando County Parks and Recreation Department had done. I commend them on how well they spent my tax money. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!

I cannot believe how much work director Pat Fagan's crew did. The parking places are well-placed and there is so much shade. I cannot wait to use the launch there again, but I will have to stroll the boardwalk. It will be a longer trip for us now since there are such wonderful places to picnic, shaded areas to lounge in and then go on our wonderful waterways to see the manatees and dolphins, and scuba dive in our gulf waters.

This truly epitomizes the best way to enhance the beauty of our park without spoiling the natural look. It is stunning. I'll quit complaining about the boat launch being closed now; it was worth every extra mile I traveled.

Cindy and Doug Hall,

Weeki Wachee

Re: Trapped in airport's terminal confusion | April 28, column by Barbara Fredricksen

Let's call TIA what it is: TPA

Regarding Fredricksen's experiences in airport "heck": I couldn't agree more. Since moving to Spring Hill a year ago, my business travel now originates from Tampa International. I find the airport to be one of the most amenable around.

I would suggest, however, a change in the manner in which we refer to Tampa International Airport in print and in conversation. The rest of planet Earth understands Tampa International to be "TPA." Bear with me as I explain.

Airports are more commonly referenced by their International Air Transportation Association (IATA) code. Dulles International Airport is not referred to in print as "DIA" (it's IAD); nor is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport referred to as "RRWNA" (it's DCA). True to form, Jacksonville International Airport is shortened to "JAX," and its rhyming partner, Los Angeles International Airport, is pegged as "LAX." You will never find any printed reference to these airports as "JIA," or "LAIA."

Now the funny part: After moving to Spring Hill I subscribed to the St. Petersburg Times and read an interesting article regarding the road construction around "TIA." Shortly thereafter, when planning my first business trip out of "TIA," I found that a round trip from "TIA" to "IAD" would've run me no less than $2,500. Additionally, the carriers for this trip were not the usual suspects (Delta, United, etc.), but rather Air France, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines.

You see, "TIA" is the IATA code for Tirana, Albania. No telling WHAT that airport terminal is like!

Tracey Hammett, Spring Hill

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