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Deceptive government is not worthy of our trust

Hard numbers | April 27, Perspective story

Deceptive government not worthy of trust

This story is just another example of why people should not trust the government (Democrats or Republicans). People who think the government has our best interests in mind are foolish. Whether it's blundering wars, overspending and the state of the economy, or fibbing about the benefits of stadiums built with taxpayer money, the result is nothing but lies, waste and your wallet being empty.

All of the whiny liberals who think government is the answer will always be disappointed with the results.

Let's quit being a bunch of babies who think the government should coddle and take care of us cradle to grave and start taking care of ourselves. Help those who are truly in need by your own efforts. Don't pass the buck to the big government machine.

The only thing you should want from the government is for it to leave you and your wallet alone.

Adrian Cornellier, Odessa

Hard numbers | April 27, Perspective story

Let's set things right

Finally an article about the real inflation and unemployment rate. This is a must-read article for everyone.

I noticed years ago that the government was lying about these rates as my buying power has dropped by half over the last seven years.

Real inflation has been around 10 percent a year, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it with the rise in prices for gas, food and housing. Yet we have only seen increases of about 2 percent a year in pay.

The root of it is the Republicans and President Bush's tax, energy, spending and corporate welfare policies that have run up our debt, and propped up OPEC and terrorists by driving up the price of oil.

All is not lost, though. We need to start balancing the budget, have energy policies that drop our need for oil by half, cut out corporate welfare and stop cutting interest rates. This will raise the value of the dollar, drop inflation and make our paychecks worth something again.

Jerry Dycus, Riverview

Hard numbers | April 27, Perspective story

A name for fraud

Enron cooks the books and it is fraud. The federal government cooks the books for 50 years and it's called "Pollyanna Creep"? Heaven help the value of the U.S. dollar.

Don Dunkelbarger, Indian Shores

Hard numbers | April 27, Perspective story

We need real numbers

Many thanks to Kevin Phillips for detailing the scam known as "core" inflation, and how it evolved to the point of excluding essential food and energy costs.

What we need is a believable calculation that everyone can understand. It would include specific "real world" items for our area — a St. Petersburg apartment's monthly rent, a gallon of milk at Publix, a gallon of gas at a local 7-Eleven, a pair of jeans at Target, a monthly health insurance premium, a utility bill, etc. Such an index would help explain why so many Americans correctly feel that they're losing ground these days, contrary to the government's rosy pronouncements.

Peter Ford, Tierra Verde

Our failed leader

I listened to the news conference held Tuesday by President Bush. At the end of his speech he said that foreign peoples are tired of the failed policies of their leaders.

Once again, this failed leader references the failures in distant lands and cannot see just how deep the concern of his own countrymen is with his failed policies on every front, both domestic and foreign. Inflation rages in energy and food prices. Unemployment is rising. Homes are being lost at unprecedented levels. The fighting continues in Iraq and Afghanistan with no end in sight. Our treasury is looted.

Thank God his term is just about over and maybe — just maybe — the voters of this nation will repudiate the policies of this president in no uncertain terms. God help us if we do not.

William Hoelzle, Dunedin

Redundant rescue response comes under fire | April 27, story

Cut the duplication

I guess I've really missed something here. Your article states that we pay $38.5-million as taxpayers to fund countywide fire rescue units, and $32.7-million to privately owned Sunstar for essentially duplicate services.

In my small community, I have observed that when a call for medical assistance is made, both units arrive and one provides service while the others stand around and watch. How stupid is that?

Our tax dollars fund each fire rescue station 24/7, and we pay for our employees to be there waiting for something to do. Why should there be another service, also funded by us, when we already have the trained personnel and equipment ready to respond?

Let's eliminate $32.7-million of expenses by eliminating Sunstar from our budget. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Roger Nauheimer, Clearwater

Redundant rescue response comes under fire | April 27, story

Unnecessary service

This description of "rescue response" is all true. My girlfriend, who is very ill and on oxygen, gets transported to the hospital roughly 10 to 12 times a year and they do send fire rescue and an ambulance.

It is a great feeling to have the Rolls-Royce treatment but completely unnecessary. The ambulance transports her every time, so to be conservative, I agree with the ambulance service that this would be their call. In times like these let's save fire rescue for major traffic crashes and disasters. Although I would like to add, we do appreciate the fire rescue team's wonderful service.

James D. Trotta, Largo

Database displays errant instructors | April 27, story

Attention was unwarranted

Yes, I can agree that there are teachers who have no business in the classroom. The article does a good job of pointing that out.

I must strongly disagree with all of the conclusions drawn. Your reporters, like the computers the database resides in, took a strictly sterile view.

Marilyn Hourdas has spent a career in helping and caring for our students. In that caring she has helped a multitude of students to excel where there was no one else to do so. We had three boys who went through Tarpon Springs High School and appreciated her every year we were there.

A misstep or an isolated error in paperwork does not deserve to be front-page material along with teachers who engage in or ignore dangerous activities. I think you owe her more than an apology.

Vern English, Palm Harbor

A sinner helped save my soul | April 27, Perspective story

Insightful writing

Thanks for printing the fine article by Dr. Lodovico Balducci. His very personal account of his encounter with the problem of good and evil in the church was very moving.

He provided a great deal of insight into the reality of the human condition and the contradictions that have plagued humans through the ages. It would be good to see more such well-written, substantive columns in the future.

Richard Vanni, Seminole

Added rule for abortion blocked | May 1, story

Valuable information

Having an early ultrasound in any pregnancy is a wise health measure. Abortion may continue to be considered a constitutional right by law, but it is also a medical procedure. All precautions should be taken to ensure a healthy, happy abortion for those who want one. Women at risk for postabortion syndrome, a condition that causes continuing physical pain, might in some cases be identified by a required ultrasound for women contemplating abortion.

It makes me sick to see how the abortion cycle perpetuates itself. The constitutionality of abortion causes legislation which prevents women from getting information they need about abortion in order to be able to make an informed choice.

Lynne Mackintosh, Seminole

Mom, I lied | Floridian

Give Mom a break

Mother's Day is a time to tell Mom how much you love her and appreciate all the things she has done for you — not to tell her you lied to her. That should be a very private thing between the two of you, not for all the world to see. Can you just imagine how proud she will feel when she reads it in the paper?

Erma Cory, St. Petersburg

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