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Decline in district's quality of education leads to rise in homeschooling

More families turn to homeschooling | Sept. 25 article

Schools decline, parents switch

While I feel for the loss in income for the district, it brings up a comparison. If I buy a product or service continuously, and the quality of that product or service declines, I will seek other sources. The antics coming from district and overall decline in the state's education scores makes me wonder why something is not changed.

The theory of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result pops to mind. The difference between private schools and public need to be explored to see where the differences lie. Drop FCAT, or at least let districts decide if they want to be in FCAT, and determine how to test advancement on a different scoreboard. Stop sending ill-equipped children into another grade.

While it hurts the schools in general, it is very easy to understand why homeschooling is favorable. I cheer for the parents who have decided on a better schooling experience for their children and better teaching methods. There are many good teachers in the Pasco County school system, but until they teach a sound curriculum and not "how to pass FCAT, '' the students are not getting the education they need to really excel in life.

Christina Ennist, New Port Richey

Nugent is for the rich, not us folks

Rep. Rich Nugent has signed Grover Norquist's no-tax petition. Why? Because he agreed with it.

So, if "we the people'' want to close loopholes, have uber-rich pay their share (as 80 percent of Americans want), he can't vote to do so because he's already sold his vote to Grover. I thought we elected him to represent our interests but evidently his allegiance is to Grover.

We need someone who has the interests of the 5th district in mind and who isn't in lock step with the Grovers and tea partiers, who are all about the rich.

Lea Folland, Nobleton

Elected officials talk to each other | Sept. 25 letter

Republicans live by their principles

The letter writer criticizes Republican officials for talking to each other on matters that overlap on state and county laws. He seems upset that the County Commission and the state legislators are all Republicans.

Just as President Obama ran on "change," the writer is a member of the Democratic Executive Committee and can gain support from his colleagues and run for political office.

Just as he and U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz use their First Amendment rights to criticize the Second Amendment, Republicans support the entire Bill of Rights. The difference is that when Republicans place their hands on the Bible to support the Constitution, there's truly a belief not to change the Constitution.

Bill Bunting

Pasco Republican State Committeeman, Hudson

Bucs fans want … | Sept. 25 letter

Owners' priority is not football

I'm with the letter writer. We, the taxpayers of the Tampa Bay area, are responsible for the revenues that built Raymond James Stadium. Granted, the sombrero needed to come down, but is this how we are thanked?

Are the Glazers more interested in futbol than football. The fans of the Buccaneers are being deprived of their team. The owners of the Bucs organization need to ensure that the taxpayers and the fans get their money's worth. These times are economically trying, for the best of us. It's not like we can all pack up and go to the stadium. So, for the most part, our anticipation is waiting for the game on TV. If the Glazers can't fill the seats, or if the National Football League can't see its way through blackouts, then American football becomes just another business enterprise, and not an American pastime.

Shame on the owners, and shame on the National Football League.

Dave Peregoy, Holiday

Decline in district's quality of education leads to rise in homeschooling 09/27/11 [Last modified: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 5:19pm]
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