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Deer pay price for people's behavior

Deer pay price for people's behavior

I find it very upsetting that the Hidden Lakes subdivision in New Port Richey is planning to hunt the very deer they've been feeding. How irresponsible of these people to lure them to the area and then decide it's not convenient anymore so they have to go.

It's unfortunate the animals are the ones that have to give up their lives because people are ignorant. I hope they find a resolution to this problem other than the easy way out.

The deer roamed those woods long before people showed up; the deer deserve better. Mankind will not be satisfied until everything that's beautiful in this world is gone. We need to learn how to share this planet with the other creatures that all have a right to live.

Susan Squires, New Port Richey

Where is Pasco support for Scott?

Apparently the Pasco Republican Party has decided to follow the lead of defeated Bill McCollum and ignore the Scott-Carroll ticket for governor.

Large signs supporting U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio abound along State Road 52 as do signs for Pam Bondi, the GOP candidate for attorney general. The GOP office on State Road 52 promptly displays support for Rubio and Bondi but no evidence of the same for Rick Scott and his running mate, Jennifer Carroll.

Do I see a bit of hypocrisy here? State Republican committeeman Bill Bunting was quick to censure Sen. Mike Fasano for supporting Charlie Crist for U.S. senator. Why is that same person now distancing himself from his party's gubernatorial candidate?

Robert B. Ryan, Bayonet Point

Deputy's driving questionable

I had a very bad experience on Sept. 8. I was traveling south on Rowan Road at approximately 4 p.m. and doing the speed limit. There was a school bus in front of me doing the speed limit as well. I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw a sheriff's car coming up in the left lane with great speed. The deputy was behind a car that was doing the speed limit as well.

The next thing I knew, the sheriff's car was behind me. He pushed up so close to the back of my truck, I felt like he was going to plow right into me. If the school bus had hit its brakes during the time that I was pinned between the bus and the sheriff's car, I would probably be in the hospital or be dead.

He jumped into the left lane again. At the next cross street, Plathe Road, there he sat at a red light with no siren or lights.

I called the Sheriff's Office when I got home and the dispatcher asked if I wanted someone to call me back. I said, "Yes.'' Still no phone call.

I observe more and more that the police don't obey the traffic laws. I would have been arrested if I had done what he did. Serve and protect or power and privilege?

Joanne Arneson, New Port Richey

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