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Deputies should not have to learn Spanish; let immigrants learn English

Re: Teaching deputies Spanish a wise move Oct. 18 editorial

Let immigrants learn English

Wait uno momento. I'm sorry, but I have a real problem with our law enforcement officers having to learn Spanish. This is to accommodate our Latino population. Every immigrant populace that has passed through Ellis Island has learned English. I'm talking about Italian, German, Polish, Russian and Greek and all people of Europe. And don't forget the people who have come here through ports of entry in California, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Laotian and you get my point.

Why do we, the taxpayers, have to foot this bill? Either these people learn to speak English or go home.

I agree everyone has the right to be here in the greatest nation in the world, but it means you have to be legal and by our rules. Don't be lazy and play dumb. Learn and become a productive part of America.

Jack J. Gammon, Clearwater

Be willing to go the extra mile

As I read the Times editorial illustrating the importance of police officers speaking as well as understanding Spanish, I was reminded of a letter to the editor from just a few days ago.

The letter writer disapproved of police officers learning the Spanish language and also those Spanish-speaking individuals living here who don't learn to speak English.

The writer also referred to the "policia" in Mexico who don't go to school to learn or improve their English to help the "gringos."

My response to all of this is simply that we in the United States of America are willing to go the extra mile so that everyone is included. In other words, we believe in inclusiveness and therefore are not a xenophobic nation. And this is just one of the reasons why we are the greatest nation in the world.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

Come on, learn the language

It seems to me that the better idea would be for our Spanish-speaking residents to learn to speak English. Immigrants previously have strived to learn the language. What is different these days? When in Rome, do as the Romans do: Learn the language!

Anne Woolf, Dunedin

Re: Positive articles about Tarpon Springs

Tarpon coverage is appreciated

I would just like to say that I have been a loyal reader of the St. Petersburg Times for 37 years and it's nice to pick it up and read positive stuff. The world is filled with gloom and you have taken some of it away printing articles that are positive about Tarpon Springs High School. I went to Tarpon Elementary, Tarpon Junior High and Tarpon High. To see so many good articles coming out makes me very proud.

The article on Nomiki Vavlas was moving (Mom's words make linebacker strong, Oct. 22). I have volunteered with her on behalf of our Sponger boys and it's an honor to work with a dedicated parent like herself. Volunteering is key for successful communities.

For those of us who live in Tarpon Springs and were raised here, we are all family. We love the positive articles and appreciate the writers for taking time to find some good things going on in the world! Thanks!

Laura Trask, Palm Harbor

Clash at council set poor example

For several years, teachers in Pinellas County schools have been required by the Florida Education Code to teach character development to their students. (Information about the requirement can be found at this Web link:

Judging by the altercation that occurred at the recent St. Petersburg City Council meeting, several adults need to learn character development, too. I assume that they have no complaints about the behavior of today's young people, since they have set such a poor example themselves.

Bill Moravec, Dunedin High School

Re: Wrestler sues school district | Oct. 15 story

People's stupidity others' fault now?

Two boys are "horseplaying" in the hallway instead of being in class or working on a project, and one boy gets hurt and it's the school board's fault?

This story has a slight resemblance to the hot coffee case a few years ago. Remember when ignorance was no excuse? Now it seems like the gold standard for morons to do something stupid and then get compensated. When will this stop?

Oops, this is my letter of intent to sue the St. Petersburg Times. I just broke a nail while typing this letter. It must be their fault. Right?

Chris Wags, Clearwater

Deputies should not have to learn Spanish; let immigrants learn English 10/24/09 [Last modified: Saturday, October 24, 2009 3:13pm]
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