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Deputies use new law to trap drivers

Deputies use new law to trap drivers

The move-over law. What was it actually there for? A four-lane divided highway, narrow two-lane lane roads, dirt roads? Actually all of them, but let's be practical.

I read Hillsborough County deputies were giving people a warning on the first offense. It's a relatively new law and was not advertised well, and people genuinely don't know the rules.

Not here in Hernando. The Sheriff's Office here just hammers unlawful driving. There is actual crime: Drugs, break-ins and personal crime. But what do we see while driving around Hernando County? Deputies everywhere with speed detectors. It's the No. 1 priority. Why? Easy, a portion of the money obtained goes back to the department.

The latest and easiest one now is the move-over law requiring motorists to move over a lane if an emergency vehicle is pulled over on the roadside.

U.S. Highway 19, from Weeki Wachee to the Citrus County line, is a very wide four-lane divided highway. It's a favorite target. The median is 100 feet wide. The side of the road is another 100 feet of gentle, sloping ground.

The current scam involves two cruisers. One at the side of the road, flashing away and another a 100 feet or so further down the road. If a passing motorist doesn't move over a lane, the second patrol car pulls the vehicle over.

The car pulled over goes way into the road side and the deputy pulls to the rear, again well off the road. Is there a danger to the deputy? If there is, tell the car to pull over further. But they don't.

The law was not meant for roads like this, but it is an easy revenue collector. Can this be fair or right?

Mike Humphreys, Spring Hill

Safety should be the top priority

County Commissioner Rose Rocco states she is leaning toward adding to the existing library instead of voting for a new fire station. Is Commissioner Rocco not aware that no one has ever seen the library parking lot even half full?

Is she also not aware that the area of Spring Hill has to be near 90 percent or more built up? Not that a library is not important, but how many more people does she think are going to attend this library over the next five years? The study the county paid $130,000 for stated that that's where Spring Hill Fire Rescue needs to place a fire station.

Did Commissioner Rocco even bother to meet with Chief Rampino to discuss issues such as response times to this area before making such ridiculous statements? And is she aware that the area that this station would also cover extends out to County Line Road and west toward Waterfall Drive? I have been told that the response times have been increasing to these areas due to more people, construction and traffic lights.

It is very obvious, contrary to what she says, that she is more concerned about expansion of a library than she is about the safety of the residents of Spring Hill.

I would suggest Commissioner Rocco review the study that the county paid so much for, and maybe she would see that the fire station next to the library is very much needed. All the residents of the Spring Hill Fire District should be protected equally with the same excellent level of service, and that a library should not take priority over the safety of this community!

Commissioner Rocco, with all due respect, you should be ashamed of your comments, and I hope the community remembers this when your seat is finally up! I, for one, will certainly remind them if they don't!

Rachael Rodriguez, Spring Hill

Deputies use new law to trap drivers 09/06/08 [Last modified: Friday, September 12, 2008 5:46pm]
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