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Development is good, helps reduce tax burden

Development cuts tax burden

"Why would anyone come to Pasco? There is nothing here to do."

How many times have you heard this in Zephyrhills or New Port Richey? It seems that when it comes to growth, people can't make up their minds. We have some that complain that Pasco doesn't need any developments, whatever it is, in the county. Others wish to leave Pasco because there isn't anything to do. But the biggest problems I see are the ones that fuss about higher taxes but at the same time are strongly against a sports complex or a resort.

Pasco needs money to function correctly. It needs money for our fire stations and police stations. It needs money for our road. And it needs money for our schools. They can't just wish that these things finance themselves. I wish I could keep all the money I earn, but I know that a sales tax or a gas tax will be used properly for my own benefit. But what will prevent us from paying a ridiculous amount of our paychecks to taxes is development. Things that will bring in money to Pasco.

The tennis complex or sports complex was a start. It would bring visitors into Pasco. It would bring other developments all around them. And with the developments will come restaurants and retail shops that will bring in money through the sales tax. It's a trickle effect that will prevent us from having larger taxes as our burden.

The same goes with housing developments, but at the same time we should be more careful on how many homes we allow to be built in this county. An article in the past week in the St. Petersburg Times talked about a developer planning to build almost 4,000 homes in his development. Even with a mind-set that supports development, I know that 4,000 homes is too much when you factor in all the homes that are still empty and all the homes already proposed to be built in the county.

Development is a necessity when it comes to city and county growth. That's why I encourage the sports complex at Starkey Ranch and more growth in my area. And when it comes to bringing tourists to the county, I ask both residents and county politicians to become involved on what should come to Pasco — and also have involvement in bringing developments in the county.

E-mail or call anyone telling them why they should come to Pasco. Just because there isn't much to do here at the moment doesn't mean we should be against encouraging people to come here.

And when it comes to all the people asking, "Why encourage development when we are running out of water?" I ask you this: Will you support a desalination plant in Pasco?

Michael Kramer, New Port Richey

$99 water bill is outrageous

I reside in Palm Terrace subdivision and I would like to complain about the high rates that Aqua Utilities is charging. I opened my water bill and about hit the roof.

My bill has been between $50 and $60 a month for the last 11 months (which is ridiculous); however, this bill is $99. Where does this company think people are going to come up with the money to pay such high water bills? How are the elderly residents paying for this?

I think it is disgusting that my water bill ran $20 more than my electric bill, which includes air-conditioning, a refrigerator/freezer, a freezer, water cooler, computer, ceiling fans, TV, lights, washer, dryer and other small appliances. How can they justify that a water bill be more than all of the electrical appliances that I run? By the way, I do not irrigate my lawn.

I am a single mom and I cannot afford to pay this ridiculously high bill. I can't even afford to buy groceries because I am on such a tight budget, and I sure as heck won't pay $100 for this water. Maybe if enough people voice their opinion something will be done.

Carol Brock, Port Richey

Give time before putting pets down | May 21, letter

Facility director knows her stuff

The letter writer has no right to judge Joanne Schoch. Her letter was written from her heart and years of experience working in animal rescue.

We at the Nature Coast Humane Society are a no-kill shelter. We receive no funding; we are strictly run on donations from the wonderful community that we serve. You are more than welcome to come and volunteer and see for yourself!

Most county animal shelters are paid with tax dollars and have a time line for how long they can hold the animals. It is heartbreaking that this happened to this family and their beloved friend.

Hopefully these letters will help educate people on the best procedures for surrendering their pets when no other options are available to them.

Tami L. Cook, Weeki Wachee

Get facts straight on no-kill shelter

The letter writer should get glasses and/or learn how to read better in order to get your facts straight. Joanne Schoch runs the Humane Society of the Nature Coast! It is a no-kill shelter!

This woman and her associates are responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats each year, especially those who are on their last days in the pound before they are euthanized. Knowing this woman, if there's any chance that she could save every cat and dog in Hernando County or the state of Florida, she would if only she had the room at her facility.

No animal gets killed at this facility and every attempt is made to have happy, healthy adoptable pets for people. Instead of writing a letter in which you do not have your facts straight, perhaps you should go there and see the work she and her associates are doing. And maybe even make a donation for your incredible mistake.

Leo R. Krahula, Spring Hill

Good memory is not forte of Pasco's top GOP panel C.T. Bowen column, May 21

You'll find typos in newspaper, too

I believe that if you're going to criticize someone for having a typo in an e-mail, (which wasn't addressed to you to begin with), you might want to make sure that when you call them out on it in an article, you check your own article for typos.

In regard to an e-mail where "Crist" was misspelled, you write, "The only thing missing was a good harrumph. Or a better spell-check." Reading that, I wasn't too ruffled. Cheap criticism from a reporter is typical. But I couldn't help but laugh when I read on: "Maggard said Wednesday he hasn't make up his mind" Since we're pointing the finger, I thought I'd let you know that it should be "made up his mind."

You might want to check your spell-check as well.

You wrote a paragraph dedicated to pointing out a typo that one person wrote. So, one person's typo represents the entire Republican Party? If we apply the same principle to the newspaper, then due to the column, the St. Petersburg Times staff is incompetent and the paper lacks, as you say, a good harrumph.

Samantha Frances, Zephyrhills

Don't single out smokers for tax

Recently, the Legislature passed a $1 tax on tobacco products. I am a 73-year-old widow who has voted every election since I was 21. I take my privilege of that right very seriously.

I am also a smoker. I realize it is too late to effect a change in the bill; however, I feel I would be remiss if I did not make my views known to those who regulate our everyday life. The supposed purpose of this taxation was to protect the public for its own good. The last I knew, buying cigarettes is still legal and the danger of smoking mainly affects those who smoke.

You may use the excuse of secondhand smoke or added health care costs, but the truth is this is a bill that will make the least amount of voters dissatisfied. Most nonsmokers and ex-smokers delight in the fact that smokers have lost privilege after privilege regarding smoking, thus hit them again.

I would suggest looking at the taxation of every drink bought in a bar and every six-pack sold in a store and consider the health benefits to the public: the drinker leaving a bar with less alcohol in him or a teenager not being able to come up with the price of illegal booze.

The man who gets drunk cheaply and beats his wife and children will not be able to afford to consume as much. The taxpayer will gain from this resource and those who can afford it will be footing the imposed taxes. There are more deaths caused by the consumption of alcohol on the road and in the home than my cigarettes will ever cause.

I have watched this campaign play out and knew it would be popular as the Legislature and governor would be lauded for their concern for an unpopular vice. Let's make all the vices pay more — even if it is not popular — if they are truly concerned for their constituents' health. I'd like to see a true leader make this commitment.

Patricia Stowell, Homosassa

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