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Do what it takes to boost Pasco's economy

Do what it takes to boost economy

More attention should be directed to attracting industry and/or tourist attractions to provide livable incomes to the current west Pasco residents.

Clean up Hudson Beach and prohibit whatever is causing the bacterial and fecal mess that closes it. Get this area going so that its residents can afford to spend money instead of begging at the major intersections.

I live in west Pasco County and like it. And, one of the reasons is that, even with my middle class income, I am considered wealthy (or almost). It's not because I'm rich, it's because so many others are poor.

Alfred J. D'Amario, Hudson

Hospice inquiry is a painful blow

The hospice where I volunteer is being investigated for misconduct. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. Another entity that we respect is being investigated for bad behavior.

I do not know if the allegations have merit or not. I do know about the HPH Hospice volunteers and employees. We are there for the patients and the families. As a volunteer, we get no remuneration other than knowing we are giving back. There are volunteers who come into the kitchen where I work just to help unload the truck that brings the food.

What I do know is how much good the organizations do for people in crisis. Hospice provides end stage care but also palliative care for people who suffering from a serious life-ending illness. The purpose is to relieve pain and related symptoms and the goal is to improve comfort and give the patient better quality of life. The symptoms of the illness are treated and the emotional support is give to help ease the suffering caused by a serious illness. Care can be given wherever the patient happens to be. This care can last for months and even years.

We have seen wrongdoing in many institutions and when it happens we are devastated. When we put our faith and trust in an entity, we assume that all involved are above reproach. Any reasonable person knows that good people can do bad things but it still rocks our world.

Hospice provides a service of comfort and care at a time of great loss. If the allegations are groundless then great damage has been done to the organization and the people they serve. If one person chooses not to use the service they provide because of the accusations then that is a great disservice. If one person chooses not to volunteer because of the accusations that is a great disservice.

Mary Partington, New Port Richey

Toys for Tots is hard at work

For over half a century, Toys for Tots programs, fully sanctioned by the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation, have provided a joyful Christmas for millions of deserving children throughout America and U.S. territories. We strive to do our job cheerfully, and seek to spread the spirit of Christmas to those we faithfully serve.

Toys for Tots of East Pasco expects to provide toys and other needed services to over 4,000 fully registered children. For the past four years, we have had the excellent fortune of fielding the same leaders in all five of our communities. They know their job, and importantly, they know the communities they seek to serve.

Our goal is to collect and distribute toys; we collect little cash by way of donations. Each year, we receive less than $1,000 donated. All our funding is handled in our account by the Toys for Tots Foundation in Quantico Va. Our limited funds help pay for our transpiration, storage, and some additional promotion costs.

Though several churches and some other faith-based organizations do help provide toys for families they care for, we are the main source of toys for many needy families in east Pasco. At all times we seek to coordinate with these other charitable efforts in order to diminish a duplication of services. We have always welcomed any and all organizations seeking to coordinate their efforts with us. We also seek to see that a toy donated in your community will goes to a child living near you.

Our families are selected by counselors at the public schools and Premier Community HealthCare. They choose the families they know, and believe are in the greatest need.

The planning committee and captains of Toys for Tots of East Pasco, are indeed proud of our efforts to provide toys to our at-risk children on our side of the county. We fully appreciate the support we receive each year from our caring community. And, with your valuable assistance and active support, we shall again attempt to insure that no child will be sad come Christmas Day.

The West Pasco program covers all the area west of the Suncoast Parkway has two different toys distributions. For more information, go to Our program on the east side of the county holds distributions in Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, Dade City, and in the Lacoochee area. For more information, go to our web site:

Bob Loring, Toys for Tots of East Pasco

Deputy's callous attitude a shame

I recently was in Pasco County for a back operation and stayed at west Pasco motel. In my haste to leave, I inadvertently left a substantial amount of money, by my standards, in the night stand drawer. Remembering it after my four-hour surgery, I thought that with the only people entering the room being the motel staff that I had a 50-50 chance of getting my money back.

Management was of little help once the cleaning employees said they saw nothing. I guess in this day and age I should have expected that, but more to my surprise was the attitude of the Pasco Sheriff's deputy who I called to the scene.

The first words out of his mouth were "What do you expect me to do about it?'' Where in law enforcement training is this taught? No way this person could be a trained professional, but it didn't get much better.

Even though my own personal future boycott of this motel chain will not matter, I know the employees who stole my money and their employer who still trust them will get theirs in the long run.

I will be forever tainted by the experience and lack of compassion from all involved. My heart really goes out to the citizens of Pasco County if this is how an everyday law-abiding person or tourist is treated when in trouble or a victim of a crime.

Jay Knapp, Morgantown, W.Va.

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. Your voice counts

You may submit a letter to the editor for possible publication through our website at, or by faxing it to (727) 869-6233, or by mailing it Pasco Times, 11321 U.S. 19, Port Richey, FL 34668, You must include your name, address and phone number. Letters may be edited for clarity, taste and length.

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