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Doctor's ordeal with immigration is rooted in racism

Ruined without reason | Aug. 30, story

Doctor's ordeal rooted in racism

As an immigrant who has been lucky enough to achieve the "American Dream," I wish to express my allegiance to Dr. Salvador Galindo together with my prayers that he may be returned as quickly as possible to his profession, his patients, his spouse and that he regain his positive personality.

As a proud citizen of this great country, I am dismayed by the fact that Dr. Galindo's problems could not be solved with common sense. I am also ashamed that human beings, irrespective of their culpability, should endure the treatment that he has undergone at the hands of our public officials. As a taxpayer who has paid millions of dollars to the public treasury, I am incensed by this use of my money, for which I have worked so hard.

At the time when our unemployment is more than 10 percent, 25 percent of the population has inadequate or no health care and our troops are dying in foreign countries for lack of appropriate equipment, our politicians waste our scarce resources in depriving honest, hard-working immigrants of their basic human rights.

Make no mistake. The persecution of Dr. Galindo is the last expression of bigotry enshrined as the law of the country, not just the regrettable and unintentional consequence of a benevolent law!

Dr. Galindo could not be helped because the laws are more inclined to punish the appearance of a crime than to uphold the presumption of innocence. These are the laws approved by a conservative Congress and endorsed by activist justices such as Scalia, Roberts, Thomas and Alito. Racism in America is not dead.

Like the segregationists in the Old South, the modern racists have hitched their call for blood to the noblest causes, such as family values and protection of unborn life. As a lifelong prolifer, who values any form of human life, I reject any connivance or solidarity with these hatemongers.

Lodovico Balducci, Tampa

Ruined without reason | Aug. 30, story

Incompetent officials are devastating our nation

So, if we are not confused enough by our leaders on the right and the left trying desperately to destroy our nation, we have incompetent people in immigration running people out of the country who have arrived legally. These people are not only running them out but also destroying their lives in the process. And all the while they are doing nothing to deport those who have arrived illegally and living high on the hog on the American taxpayer. Gosh, isn't America great!

To Dr. Salvador Galindo: There is nothing we can say or do to remedy the ignorance that has befallen you by a nation of people so confused they are willing to become socialists when so many from countries that are socialist want to come here to the land of the free — but I guess not for long.

So much has been forgotten about how we became the greatest nation on Earth through hard work, a sense of ethics and being accountable for one's actions. The road we are on does not lead to prosperity but to desperation and slavery to our government.

Robert Jonatzke, Holiday

Ruined without reason | Aug. 30, story

He should be able to stay

How in the world does this happen to an educated, successful doctor? He would have had more rights as an illegal alien.

Where is the accountability in all the mistakes our government made in this case? Let him stay!

Hank Goettelman, St. Petersburg

Heather Lawrence case

Voicing her convictions

Heather Lawrence should be praised, not punished, for standing up for her beliefs and convictions.

I think she spoke for a lot of veterans and citizens who feel the same way and who have become sick and tired of all the gum-chewing, scratching, smirking and general disrespect for the symbols of America.

We invite non-Americans to study at our educational institutions and enjoy great wealth in our sports arenas.

Many of our people, who defended this system in the past, believed we were preserving the right of future generations to stand up for their convictions with voice and pen — and not be ridiculed doing so.

Way to go, Heather.

Kenneth R. Paulsson, Tampa

Heather Lawrence case

Remember Constitution

I find it most troubling that a young woman, who aspires to enter the Army after high school, has no clue as to the meaning of the Constitution that she plans to defend. The Constitution gives her classmate the right not to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance as well as the right to wear clothing dictated by her religion.

To paraphrase a hero of mine: Freedom of speech means that others have the right to stand center stage advocating at the top of their lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.

Bob Lasher, Clearwater

Self-serving choice | Aug. 30, editorial

Don't be fooled

Your Sunday editorial hit the nail right on the head. Gov. Charlie Crist will do anything to further his political ambitions. He has been flying below the radar for years and his track record shows it.

I will be amazed but not surprised if voters fall for his years of empty rhetoric and send him to the U.S. Senate. It seems you can fool some of the people some of the time, but in Florida history shows that you can fool most of the people all of the time. Hopefully that won't happen in the next election.

Ron Matte, Land O'Lakes

Skepticism is in order

It is increasingly clear that Charlie Crist no longer pretends to place the needs of Florida above his own desires for power. All of the things that we hoped for from him are now things of the past.

If he is elected to the Senate, will he work for Florida in Washington or will he just use that seat to promote more of his own self-interests?

I encourage Floridians to be very skeptical of anything he promises to do as senator. It's time to look for someone else to represent us in Washington.

Lucy Fuchs, Brandon

Online delivery | Aug. 30, story

Sending the wrong message

When I was young, years ago, girls got married first and then had a child. If a girl did get pregnant, she hid it as best the family could, and in some cases the girl was sent away to relatives and the child was either put up for adoption or the parents took it on as their own.

Now, the St. Petersburg Times glorifies an online birth of a baby while the mother's "boyfriend" in Iraq views the delivery. It even made the local TV news.

Am I wrong in thinking that this sends the wrong message to young girls? Oh, it's okay. Maybe I'll make the papers or TV.

Lorraine Testa, Spring Hill

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