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Does Republican Party even care about health care?

More wrong than right Aug. 30

Does Republican Party even care?

Congratulations on your article on the misrepresentations of U.S. Rep Ginny Brown-Waite regarding the health care legislation. She, like McCaughey, Palin, Boehner, and others are so concerned with spreading falsehoods about the bill that I wonder if the Republican Party cares at all about people caught in the present system.

Give us an alternative plan or ditch your own coddled program and experience what the rest of the country is experiencing.

Bob Widmar, Weeki Wachee

Pick on policies, not Brown-Waite

Nice to see that it took four liberals to go cherry-picking U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's comments and come up with a few they feel are misinformation, as they would say. If the current Obama medical plan gets pushed through, it will open the door to God knows what in the future.

An example is Medicare Part D, thanks to Bush. It did not take long before my Fortune 50 company and most others dropped our good plans. More money for the CEOs, executives and, of course, the stockholders. A simplistic solution would have been, if bipartisanship could ever be realized, to let the greedy and mismanaged institutions and companies fold. Then that so-called bailout money or economic stimulus, which we don't have anyway, could have been used to return money to the Social Security program and Medicaid.

Of course, the latter two programs would have to have the fraud and illegals eliminated. Also money could be allotted for a new computer system for the Social Security Administration that could prevent prisoners and dead people from receiving checks. More of that available money could have gone to citizens who were/are really in financial trouble.

Too simple for those in Washington, D.C., who know what is good for us.

Karl Maier, Brooksville

Brown-Waite's blind support fails

U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite has been a good Republican soldier at the expense of original thinking and looking out for the best interests of those who elected her. Unfortunately, by blindly supporting the party line, she has fallen into the trap of propagating and adding to the false and confusing information that is poisoning the atmosphere of honest debate.

How absolutely pathetic that we have a Congress so partisan that self-interest takes precedence over what is in the interest of the country.

To the staff reporters on this article: Keep up the good work. The public relies on you to weed out the senseless drivel and to keep us informed about what is true and what is not.

Ron Matte, Land O'Lakes

Re: Stabins forges own budget | Aug. 22 article

Stabins' strays from usual ways

As a 12-year Hernando County homeowner/taxpayer I have always found Commissioner Jeff Stabins to be approachable, good-natured, respectful, dedicated, eager-to-please as any politician will allow himself or herself to be. However, the well-intentioned commissioner seems to have strayed from his above-referenced political signature, as indicated by the Aug. 22 article Stabins forges own budget. (Hernando Times front page, Aug. 22). Unquestionably Commissioner Stabins has revised his political game plan.

Commissioner Stabins' stand — about the commission's supreme authority over budget and policymaking in Hernando County — rankles to say the very least. Indeed, equally inappropriate is his comment about County Administrator David Hamilton. "David works for us and I reject much of what he has proposed."

Reminder: The County Commission members and the county administrator work for you and me among 165,048 fellow county residents. Stabins' comments were wholly undiplomatic. This in no way contributes to solving the regrettable fiscal personnel reductions and directly related issues the county is forced to impose. No one takes pleasure in depriving valued employees of their jobs.

Our goal is to take the mandatory cure-driven medicine that will make us well as soon as possible rather than a temporary palliative that delays reaching that goal.

Chuck Schlakman. Spring Hill

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