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Don't blame a few individuals for Hernando County's troubles

Don't blame duo for county's woes

I don't understand the attack on Blaise Ingoglia, and Commissioner Jim Adkins for searching for a answer to some of Hernando's County's dilemmas. Blaise spent a lot of his own money to educate the public about his concerns with Hernando County government going wild. Hernando County citizens spoke at the last election when they ousted two commissioners.

All builders and Realtors everywhere in the United States benefited during the housing boom. The shape of the county and market can not be blamed on them.

Jim Adkins is looking out for the citizens, he is willing to stand up for what he believes, he definitely is not running a popularity contest. I believe he will do what he can to keep the taxes and spending down. I'm also worried that after the last County Commission meeting, that he may be alone in that mission.

It's bad enough that we cannot trust Washington. We in Hernando County deserve an honest local government, jobs, and a less-worrisome living. The homeless; vacant, foreclosed homes; businesses closing every day — no one can blame all of our problems on two people. I think Hernando County should deal more with solutions, take a interest, get involved.

Look at County Administrator David Hamilton. He started cleaning house as soon as he came on board. It must have been obvious that our tax dollars were not being used properly. He just needs to keep digging and clear Hernando government of more high-dollar employees from jobs they cannot perform successfully.

He disappointed me in the last meeting, charging the citizens for information to which we have a right. I also ask, where is the transparency that we deserve as citizens?

Commission Chairman David Russell disrespected Linda Hayward at the meeting to the point of intimidation in front of the entire county. That was uncalled for; she deserves answers to her questions.

Wake up and get involved!

Teri Salzer, Brooksville

Trash pickup should be option

I am concerned about the mandatory garbage pickups in Spring Hill. I believe the commissioners violated my rights by giving me a choice to get rid of my refuse and garbage and all kinds of other things free, then engineering a plan to force me to pay Waste Management and taking away my right to choose.

In the early 1990s, I think the association of Spring Hill made a complaint about a few properties owned by out-of-state folks not being properly maintained and cleared of trash. The outcome was mandatory garbage pickup. This, I think, could have been done another way.

I live only a stone's throw from the transfer station that is just off U.S. 19, where I can take all my disposable things free. We have dropoff stations at every grocery store for paper, glass, cardboard, plastics and cans.

Now we have another deal with Waste Management to pick up recycling curbside. They take only certain things; the rest they leave in the containers. This, I think, is giving Waste Management a monopoly, and these containers sit on the curb for hours, which is not a nice thing.

I think each one of us should have a choice to use the transfer station for free, or use Waste Management for a fee. Or have another company bid for some good-old fashioned competition.

Many people think collections twice a week are not necessary. Once-a-week would be sufficient. This would cut the cost. At $6.58 per month for garbage pickup and $1.60 for recycling, it totals $8.18 per month, $98.16 per year.

I realize some people are absent five or six months a year. I also think that living in America under a democratic government, we should have a choice. I can buy any make car or appliance, etc. So, why can't I take my trash to the transfer station instead of paying Waste Management?

Joseph Beno, Spring Hill

Don't blame a few individuals for Hernando County's troubles 02/28/09 [Last modified: Saturday, February 28, 2009 10:44am]
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