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Don't cut back on Clearwater Beach patrols

Re: Beach patrol could be cut story, May 16

Make safety top priority

My hunch is that if the BeachWalk team or bike cops are eliminated from Clearwater Beach, the crime rate will surely increase. And as that happens, people will get angry and complain until something constructive is done — like putting more cops back on the beach again.

My suggestion is to keep everything that is necessary to keep the city safe and instead cut out unnecessary frills. Oh, you know — things like the costly boat slips, silly roundabouts or even playgrounds if the money isn't there.

Just remember, though, that people who visit Clearwater love to go to our beautiful beach. And by all means, we don't want them going home angry, with nasty stories about items stolen from their beach blankets or being pestered by panhandlers or even worse yet. As the saying goes, "Word travels fast."

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

A bike trail is not a need

I see where Clearwater wants to spend $1.4 million to expand the Pinellas Trail for bike riders through downtown Clearwater. They plan to use federal stimulus dollars for this project.

Now, if that's a real need, then our leaders have no concept of need. Food is a need, shelter is a need, medicine is a need. A bike trail built with borrowed money makes no sense. Who gets stuck with repaying it? The taxpayer.

If our city only needs money for a bike trail, then we have no serious needs and should return the stimulus money and not increase our taxes in the future to repay that debt. As I continue to say, people today do not know the difference between needs and wants.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Sick and tired of corruption

Talk about outrageous company CEOs. The leaders of Wellcare Health Plans have violated federal and state laws, yet they continue to operate. Seems if you steal money from the government, then pay it a huge fine with the money you just stole, all is good.

Are we nuts? The St. Petersburg Times has written numerous exposes concerning Wellcare's misdeeds. Admit no wrongdoing, pay some cash to the state and it is business as usual. I'm sick and tired of this blatant corruption. Can we give them a "stress test"?

The thieves in Tallahassee and Washington have been too bold. We, the people, need to clean up their act before they clean us out!

Bill Coleman, Dunedin

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Don't cut back on Clearwater Beach patrols 05/21/09 [Last modified: Thursday, May 21, 2009 6:41pm]
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