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Don't disparage a sheriff with heart

Don't disparage a sheriff with heart

Once again, in the media and for the sake of political gain, a noble gesture on the part of Sheriff Bob White is being used to tarnish the sheriff's good intentions.

I personally know many of the honorary deputies and can say they are civic-minded, hard-working people who give of their time and money to help make this community a better place. If the sheriff wants to recognize them, why not? They deserve it.

In my over 30 years in Pasco County I have seen sheriffs come and go, and Sheriff White not only looks after the security of this county but takes the time to support local charitable organizations and especially the youth of this community. I know he gives of his personal time to help local causes.

The residents of Pasco County need a sheriff who has his heart in Pasco and has demonstrated it by his volunteer work. I have volunteered for the past 30 years to help local organizations and have not come across any of the opposing candidates giving of their time. Makes we wonder where their hearts are.

Paul Lembo, New Port Richey

Who's watching the top officer?

The recent article on the sheriff dispensing honorary credentials and badges raises a much more serious questions relative to the county government.

Where is the oversight of his office by the county commissioners? Can the sheriff do as he pleases? Was the legal department of the county consulted relative to the propriety of his actions?

These same questions should have applied to the use of department automobiles by nonuniformed personnel.

Some of these actions lend credence to the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The lack of oversight leads to this corruption. Why does it take political campaigns to cause the problems to surface?

Wake up, Pasco County. If the integrity of the Sheriff's Office is tarnished, everybody suffers.

Francis Bunting, New Port Richey

Editor's note: County commissioners appropriate funding for the Pasco County Sheriff's Office annual budget, but they do not supervise the sheriff, which is a separate constitutional office.

Port Richey's fate doesn't look good

Tuesday night, three Port Richey council members saw fit to let our city attorney go. I can't believe they made such a choice. I heard one of them say, "We got one down."

I wonder if the residents understand what they have done by voting the way they did. When you don't have police, fire, brush pickup or any other comforts, you can thank yourselves. One council member is going to tear this city apart piece by piece.

Judy Parisi, Port Richey

Voters, make your voice heard

If you, like many of the voters from the great state of Florida, are upset that our votes are not counting, and have made the standard phone calls to complain, but still feel that you want to do more, finally there is something positive you can do. Go online to www.fldeserves

Read the important background on how this petition got started, download it and send it in. If you do not have access to a computer, feel free to call (352) 200-7701, ask for Joan, and I will send you copies of the petition.

If you do go online, note that there are rallies being held around the state Saturday.

Count our votes.

Joan Ferko, Spring Hill

Oil-drilling item was just politics

The debate over coastal oil drilling was an exaggeration of a routine item on the commissioners' agenda. The referenced item was submitted as a resolution to the U.S. Congress to "Demonstrate Unified Resistance Against Any Attempts to Allow Oil Drilling Along Florida's Coastline."

Commissioner Jack Mariano was the only dissenting vote, which made it appear he might favor oil exploration off the Florida coast. It is my understanding Commissioner Mariano did not object to prohibiting oil drilling off the Florida coast, but rather objected to the wording of the resolution.

Congress and our Florida Legislature have given the people this assurance already. So, why would the County Commission want to get involved in this issue at this time? Such a resolution would carry about as much weight as a feather with the Legislature or Congress. The County Commission has had years to submit such a resolution opposing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida's coast. Why do it now? Could it be a political ploy in this election year?

Since the commissioner submitting the resolution is a Democrat and Commissioner Mariano is a Republican, is it possible the timing was to try to undermine Commissioner Mariano's re-election in hopes of helping his Democratic opponent? It is unfortunate that such an important issue would have political ramifications because of how low our political ethics have gotten in our nation.

Commissioner Mariano is doing a good job for the people of Pasco County with dedicated and efficient public service. No one should suggest he is in favor of offshore oil drilling that would damage the ecology of the Florida shoreline.

In this election year, the voters must be aware of events that might mislead their judgment in selecting the best person for many political offices that will be voted on in November.

Pasco County voters should look close and hard at the past behavior of our current elected officials and evaluate their past performance while performing their public responsibilities. We all must be discerning of the qualifications of those who would serve us best in making decisions for our safety, welfare and quality of life.

Lee Henley, Hudson

Deputies should bill for mileage

When you call the emergency or nonemergency numbers for the Pasco Sheriff's Office, the deputies always respond.

Wouldn't it be a great idea if the Sheriff's Office billed all the patrons for their mileage as emergency services does?

Two things you can't get away from are death and taxes.

Sandy Derda, New Port Richey

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