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Don't extend Ridge Road in Pasco county; widen U.S. 19

Don't extend Ridge; widen 19

I have been involved in opposing Pasco County's Ridge Road Extension for eight years. The Times calls U.S. 19 "the county's most dangerous road." Pedestrians on U.S. 19 are killed at an alarming rate. Pasco should use the funds set aside for the Ridge Road Extension to accelerate making U.S. 19 safer and widening SR 54 and SR 52, which would be reimbursed by the state and wind up costing Pasco nothing.

Bridges greatly escalate the cost of a road project. There are four bridges planned for the Ridge Road Extension. Pasco cannot afford this luxury road.

In the last decade, highly paid consultants have already been given over $7 million. They are still being required by the Army Corps to redo outdated surveys and redesign problem areas.

At an estimated cost of over $200-million at full build-out, this road will be too expensive for Pasco taxpayers to afford in these trying economic times with no assistance from state or federal funds.

Richard Sommerville, Hudson

Rebuild golf club by selling it now | Jan. 22, letter

Board is trying to protect golf course

I regret that Sandy Barley, Mr. Ferratto's real estate consultant, who is not a member of the club, is so eager to earn a commission in this case that he has chosen to verbally attack me and the Board of Governors of Beacon Woods Golf Club.

Let's set the record straight. I didn't hatch a plan to borrow money. The previous board had explored this and agreed to go forward with financing for the club before I took office.

The gang referred to are the duly elected members of the Board of Governors who are charged with the responsibility of operating and managing the club in line with their fiduciary guides and they have carried out this requirement.

I have no personal feelings against Brian Ferratto. I have always treated him with respect and courtesy as a member of the club, even though we do not agree on the issues of his law suits.

The current value of the club is twice as much as the existing indebtedness, which Ferratto is offering. This is supported by the fact that an offer of $2-million was made for the club. It will not go to foreclosure and the board will not ignore its fiduciary responsibilities to the club.

There were many unfounded biased and misleading accusations and other statements regarding my actions and that of the Board of Governors. However, Mr. Barley did get one thing right — the resolution of Ferratto's lawsuit against the club will now be decided by judicial action. Whatever decision is made, it will be strictly followed by the club.

The prime goal of the Board of Governors is to assure that a viable and enjoyable golf course will always be in Beacon Woods and any sale will carry this commitment to the members and the community.

I am proud to have been a founding incorporator of the club and to be a member and supporter for over 32 years. During this, I have acted in the best interest of the club in spite of Mr. Barley's assessment.

Clint Thaxton, Hudson

Gun law cuts out judge and jury | Jan. 23, letter

Law allows you to protect yourself

Florida's "Stand Your Ground Law" was enacted to provide citizens the basic right "to meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself, or another — to prevent the commission of a forcible felony." Serious physical felonies such as a home invasion, carjacking, or attempted rape are examples.

The letter writer contends that when one is confronted with these life threatening situations that he acts as "the jury, judge, and law enforcement official in the act of taking another person's life." How he can make the intellectual leap from an imminent situation where a person is fighting for his very life and juxtapose it to our courts or law enforcement agencies is beyond sound reasoning. It is in fact ludicrous.

Unfortunately these serious felonies do happen in our state, and citizens are sometimes harmed or murdered during their commission. Criminals under the influence of crack and other illegal drugs have taken far too many innocent lives, which further implores a realization of our right to self-defense.

All the "Stand Your Ground Law" does is to clarify and make it legal for one to rightfully defend himself when confronted with extreme life-threatening circumstances. It gives no one the right to use deadly force recklessly or without reasonable justification.

Jerry Blomgren,

New Port Richey

Servers: Demand pay, not tips

Who decided that the public was responsible for the wages of the restaurant servers?

Who deemed it fair that if I order a $10 meal and my friend orders a $30 meal I am expected to leave $2 and my friend has to leave $6? When there is no difference in service why should the person that spends more have to tip more?

I honestly wish that the servers would band together and demand to be paid minimum wages. Then tipping could go back to what it started as compensation for good service.

In regard to ordering water when dining out, it saves us enough money to afford a tip.

Kathy Schott, Holiday

Don't extend Ridge Road in Pasco county; widen U.S. 19 01/24/09 [Last modified: Saturday, January 24, 2009 12:05pm]
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