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Don't forget extra cost in fire departments merger

Fire departments should be just one | Oct. 12 letter

Don't forget extra cost of any merger

We in the county have efficient and dedicated firefighters like those in Spring Hill. However, that's where most of the similarities end. The writer stated "services and quality are the same." No doubt the quality is there, but you have to be able to get to the call quickly to deliver that quality. Driving 15 miles for some calls does not lend well to this.

Level of service is directly tied to manpower and locations of stations, which are at a minimum in this county? Fixing this requires adequate planning and funding.

Most are paying less in Spring Hill. According to county records, 74 percent of the residential property owners pay less for fire service. Is the writer and the other 74 percent willing to pay their fair share of the additional expenses if we merge? Or will he and the other 74 percent just become an additional burden on our already cash-strapped county fire department?

The writer states, "There is too much money in the coffers of the Spring Hill Fire District." Would he prefer they be in the red? Maybe Spring Hill is going to use it to build a much-needed station 5 on Spring Hill Drive as the merger study suggests.

I currently pay $226.42 for my home in Masaryktown, and would only be paying about $130 if my same home were in Spring Hill. Is this fair? Maybe not to some. But it is my fire department, and if I want my county fire department to improve to the level of service they enjoy in Spring Hill I know I need to pay.

If those in Spring Hill want to consider helping their fellow county citizens by merging departments, then they should also consider the additional cost and be ready to pay their share if we do merge.

I don't believe 74 percent of Spring Hill residents would be willing to get on board with paying more for countywide service.

B. Ryczek, Masaryktown

Why department opposes merger

Spring Hill Fire Rescue has many good firefighters who work for the department.

I think as a county, we really need to sit back and ask ourselves why does Spring Hill Fire Rescue want to stay independent so badly. Is it really because if the county took over, the residents of Spring Hill would suffer because their response times would be slower? I don't think so. Spring Hill Fire Rescue wants to stay independent because it is all about politics and what the department gives its employees.

How is it that we have just gone through three fire chiefs in over a seven-year span and why are we not hiring a fire chief from outside the county, even the state? One would say it is the good ol' boys ruling Spring Hill Fire Rescue. Their ex-union president is now our fire chief? How does that work?

Michelle Bonczek, Spring Hill

Every sign stolen is cash for Obama | Oct. 12 letter

Where's evidence in claim on signs?

I am interested in knowing how you know that it is Republicans who are stealing your signs.

Has anyone been arrested? Have you seen anyone take the signs? This is vandalism, and if you saw it and did not press charges, then you are irresponsible. If there are more stolen from other yards I would think it was kids up to no good. I can't imagine any political party being that petty. Or any adult having the free time to do this.

Shirley Saxton, Brooksville

Absentee ballots omit Spring Hill Fire District items Oct. 9 article

Ballot mistakes shouldn't happen

Three strikes and you're out, Elections Supervisor Annie Williams.

I can't believe she actually said, "It was unfortunate, but I don't think it caused any real damage" considering all the voter fraud being investigated across the country.

Mistakes should not be happening when it comes to the balloting process. After all, they are reviewed by Williams before they are sent to the printer.

Laurie Pizzo, Spring Hill

Doctors' support knows no bounds

Just read a great story in the Oct. 5 Hernando Times about my two favorite people: Dr. Bea and her husband, Dr. Richard Braun.

They have been so very kind to me, going above and beyond in helping me in many ways. You can see so much love between them, and when it comes to helping others, they work many hours on their own time.

Bea has a very droll sense of humor, and Richard's is off the wall, open and kind of wacky. Very few of you can talk no-holds-barred like Richard.

Bea should spell her name Bee; she's so like one. I'm surprised she sat down long enough for the reporter to talk to her. She is like the Energizer Bunny.

I can call any time, day or night, and one or both always take time to listen. I asked Bea to adopt me, as they had no time for kids and I have no family. Well, she said okay — no hesitation. But, I'm sure many have asked them before. They make everyone feel very special, warts and all.

Retired in 1989 — ha! Retired? Fifth hours a week and more! They are both angels, and I am very blessed to have them in my life.

If needed, they will sit beside your hospital bed and help with anything you need, anything. It's not a job for them. It's just who they are.

Linda Kirkwood, Brooksville

Help for males in domestic violence

I am responding to the men who have written with their concerns about the lack of services for male victims of domestic violence. Sunrise of Pasco County Inc. has been serving men and women for the past 26 years. All of our services are available to men.

Domestic violence knows no boundaries of age, financial status, race, sexual preference or gender. There are 42 domestic violence centers in Florida, all of which provide services to all individuals. If you are in need of services, call the statewide hotline, which will connect you to your nearest center, at 1-800-500-1119.

Penny Morrill, CEO

Sunrise of Pasco County Inc.

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