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Don't let anyone deface lovely park

Don't let anyone deface lovely park

Pasco County has given the residents of Embassy Hills in Port Richey Lake Lisa Park. This area was once a large, vacant lot where people allowed their pets to run but never would they clean up after them, and now there is a wonderful playground for our younger people, a large basketball court for our teens and adults.

There is also a nice walking trail that snakes through the park where we walk our pets, take a stroll or take a run in the evenings. This trail is surrounded by a nice wooden fence that I personally have seen workers struggle to maintain. Hence the only real problem surrounding this park. Undisciplined or uncaring teens, borderline thugs in their own right who keep busting up the fence and defacing the walking trail.

I would really like to see our newly re-elected Sheriff Bob White have his officers pay more attention to this park. I have seen officers let things go, probably because there are more pressing issues within west Pasco (murders, home invasions etc.).

If we continue to allow this element to deface what some of us value, then the area is doomed. People, keep your Lake Lisa Park clean. Pick up after your pets (poop sacks and garbage provided). If you see anyone defacing or vandalizing anything in this park, call the Sheriff's Office. Ninety percent of all people now carry cell phones; don't wait until you get home.

The cleanup of our neighborhood starts at the lowest level. Today they are vandalizing your park, tomorrow they are breaking into your homes. We need to take our neighborhoods back from the thug element. Watch your neighbor's home. I know I do.

I like Lake Lisa and so does my dog. I see a lot of children (young and old) having fun. These vandals are a very small group. Lake Lisa belongs to Pasco County, it belongs to you, the residents. Take responsibility for what becomes of it.

Joe Everhart, Port Richey

Cell phones and driving don't mix

Last week I attended a funeral mass for a beautiful 17-year-old girl. She was a victim of an auto accident, which also killed another 17-year-old girl. Over 1,000 people attended the wake and mass. The grief was overwhelming. Not a dry eye was to be seen.

Needless to say, both families were devastated over the loss of two beautiful children. To make it worse, one was expecting a baby.

The tragic part of this story is that being on a cell phone while driving caused the accident. I am sure we are all guilty of this at one time or another.

It is time for all of us to wake up — adults., teenagers and yes, senior citizens. Do not talk on a cell phone while driving.

No family member ever thought this could happen to them, but it did. Do you want to be next?

Joe Reilly, Spring Hill

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