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Don't make Springstead High the dress code guinea pig

Don't target Springstead High

Leave Springstead High School alone. Enough already. Here we go again with the dress code only for Springstead. Somebody who works at Springstead must have interest in a clothing shop.

Whoever keeps coming up with this idea must be getting overpaid. Did anybody tell the School Board that the economy is in the dump, people are losing their jobs and hours are being cut? So let's put the pressure only on those who go to Springstead.

Why don't you try this at one of your pet project schools? Nature Coast High School would surely enjoy the classy duds to invoke their status of "we're better then you."

Here's another idea: Just enforce the regular dress code and quit crying. One must remember this is a public school not a private one.

Kenneth Johnson, Spring Hill

Dress code not factor in success

I am a high school senior. I have never had to wear uniforms. But, the ideas of uniforms in high school, as well as middle school, will not go over well. Superintendent Wayne Alexander's statement about how dress code problems are a disturbance is false.

I've almost completed high school and not once has the dress code ever kept the academic mission from happening. The only thing that is a distraction is a teacher or administrator taking a student from class because of some idiotic dress code, such as their shorts being an inch too short.

So, when Alexander wants to discuss something affecting the academic mission, he needs to look at what he's done. Spending money on technology was not necessary. Instead he should have spent that money bettering the schools, fixing broken items. I can say that easily a third of the auditorium lights at my school don't work. But we have no funding. The money is instead going to pointless Elmos and Smart Boards that no one even uses.

Mr. Alexander, maybe you should rethink what really affects the academic mission. Is it really the dress code, or is it more a case of not having the simple means to allow students to succeed?

Lacy Jordan, Brooksville

Thanks for help with car trouble

Unfortunately many of us have become very cynical about lending a helping hand, but not on a recent Monday. I was driving on Deltona Boulevard in Spring Hill and my car died at the light at Northcliff.

While I spent a moment contemplating what to do a woman drove around me, parked in the median and called AAA for a tow truck since I did not have a phone. Just as fast, two men, one young and one older, pushed my car into the median.

As I waited, numerous people, young and old, stopped to see if they could help. The men with Spring Hill Fire Rescue and police officers called to check on the tow truck. One man coming home from golf checked out the car. A young man offered me a drink and tangerine.

The day confirmed my faith in people and it was heart-warming to know that perfect strangers took the time to sop. So, to all, thanks from the gray-haired lady in the 1988 Mercedes.

Ann Lerche, Spring Hill

Flooding problem resolved quickly

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the Department of Public Works for the recent repair of the driveway apron at our newly purchased home in Spring Hill.

We discovered a flooding problem with our property and after turning to the county for assistance the Department of Public Works sent out a supervisor to assess the problem and subsequently a crew to replace the ineffective driveway apron to correct the issue. We were very impressed by how quickly the county responded to the problem and with the expertise employed to correct it.

We would especially like to express our thanks to the department supervisor, Charles Mixson, and to Al Dominico, Ralph Wirsching and the entire crew for their time and energy in rectifying the flooding problem.

After moving to Hernando in 1999 we have consistently found the county to be extremely accommodating to its residents and the services provided are definitely second to none. Whether it is an appeal to replace incorrect or damaged road signs, to which they respond either the same or next day, or to the Sheriff's Office to report suspicious activity, to which they respond immediately, it is an excellent feeling to know that when you need assistance the county is actually ready and willing to help.

Richard and Mika Caruana, Spring Hill

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