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Don't sit back passively as you lose your home

Don't let house go without a fight

I am in the same boat with other people when it comes to the mortgage problems. I made phone calls to my mortgage company and explained to them that my income was cut due to medical reasons. For three months, I was given the same answer, ''There is nothing we can do for you."

In February, my house went through the foreclosure process. In March, I talked to my mortgage company again and I was told to send a hardship letter, proof of income, utility bills, etc. When I did, they told me that it would take 90 days for my file to reach someone to even look at it. So I waited.

About six weeks later I got a notice in the mail that another company has taken over my file and they would be working with me instead of my mortgage company. So once again, I give them the information they needed. (After I verified this new company with my bank.) I was told that they would let me know if they could help me save my home.

After about three weeks, I get a packet in the mail from this new company. They inform me that I do fit in the program. The program for me was just a drop in my interest rate. So I did some research about the program by going to to find out for myself what Making Home Affordable was all about.

In my findings I read their bylaws on how the program is going to work. So I compared what I was told to the real deal and I discovered that the two did not add up. So I called this new group and had a very interesting conversation with one of their representatives. In this conversation I was told that they sent my application over to Fannie Mae and the only thing Fannie Mae could do for me was lower my interest rate. He then told me I could accept the offer or he would let my mortgage holder know that I declined the offer and my house would continue to go through foreclosure.

I called Fannie Mae and told them what was going on and I was informed that they (Fannie Mae) did not receive anything on my loan. I was also told that this company was not working the program the way it is supposed to be worked. An e-mail has been sent to my mortgage company to find out what is going on.

I do not like to talk about my personal problems, but in this case, I want to let people know that just because an organization says one thing, that doesn't mean it is the right thing. If you are in the same boat as me, do yourself a favor, go on Fannie Mae's Web site. Research the program and get to know it. After that, if you don't understand something call them. They will give you the answers you are looking for. Don't give in until you know everything.

If everything comes back and bites me, at least I know I will go down with a fight.

Linda Hester, Hudson

Here's an idea for saving money

Since the county commissioners have a plan to cut jobs in county government, how about cutting out one of the commissioner's positions and expand the territory of those left in office?

Maybe they can draw straws to see who goes. I think the county would run just fine with one less commissioner because I can't see any difference in my quality of life here in Pasco this way.

We might be able to save a few jobs on the lower end, positions that are more necessary.

Bob Clark, Port Richey

Re: Dixie Baseball dispute

Settle it on the field, not in court

How frivolous and ridiculous can one be? Team sports are to help youth develop and become young men and women. To teach them how to work together, plan, practice and carry out skills learned to ensure victory on the field. If a player makes an error that costs a team a goal, run, or what have you, it is a lesson learned and all involved learn from it.

Protesting, hiring lawyers and taking it to court teaches the wrong thing and completely destroys the message. I can not be more distraught and ashamed of the adults, executives, coaches and legal personnel in this farce. It sends the wrong message and only shows to the children the worst in adults and the system of American law and so-called fair play.

I am completely disappointed with the whole situation.

Frank Gallagher, New Port Richey

Let the game be for the children

Although a tragedy for all of the children, justice did prevail in the Dixie League Baseball game.

An out-of-the park home run by a 12-year-old was stolen by an umpire who, by the way, umpires for the Spring Hill Nationals. And a coach is so obsessed about winning, he forgets about the children, causes chaos to the point that even his own team parents are embarrassed of him for trying his best as a manager for his team to win.

I won't get involved in the significance of the rules. The play was never protested correctly to begin with. By the way, Hunter touched home plate, twice. I was there.

It is justice at its best; what goes around comes around. Let us never forget the game is about the children — not self-absorbed, out-of-control adults.

Let the children play.

Mark Guidetti, Clermont

Don't sit back passively as you lose your home 07/18/09 [Last modified: Saturday, July 18, 2009 10:50am]
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