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Downtown court complex a bad fit

County moving on court complex | July 16 story

Downtown court complex a bad fit

In the story it was said that the best place to build a new court complex is in downtown Brooksville, or near it. I feel this would be a fatal mistake; the best place to have this complex would be as near the county jail as possible.

It must also have a large piece of land that would accommodate future expansion and have more-than-adequate parking. I believe the area now around the jail can accomplish this for future expansion.

James Greco, Spring Hill

Think about how not to spend

Once again our elected officials are indulging in wrongheaded thinking instead of coming up with new ways to spend our (yes, our) money. They need to be thinking about ways not to spend our money.

I have wandered the halls of our courthouse complex and found myself virtually alone. I saw no crowded hallways and lines at doors; I see no crisis now nor do I see a crisis in the projectable future. Our building boom is busted, our economy is in recession, our unemployment rate is rising and housing foreclosures are at an all-time high.

There is no question, no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that we need to direct all of our elected officials — city, county state and federal included — to focus all of their efforts into finding ways not to spend our money. We must become more efficient with the assets we have and learn how to do without the things we can't afford.

Bill Green, Weeki Wachee

Re: SPCA won't renew deal with Port Richey | July 16 story

Which SPCA? It matters a lot

The Times featured a story about the SPCA canceling its contract with Pasco County Animal Services. I would never presume to speak for the SPCA of any community, but I noticed that while the article was published in the Hernando section of the newspaper, it never specified which SPCA the article was about. Having read this article in the Hernando section I might assume the article was about the SPCA of Hernando County. As an experienced member of the animal welfare community, I realized the article referred to the SPCA of Pasco County. I am not sure the general public would make that distinction.

Humane societies and SPCAs across the country are constantly struggling to educate the public that we are all individual organizations. Humane societies are not divisions of the Humane Society of the United States and SPCAs are not divisions of the ASPCA. Each and every community organization has its own bylaws, policies and procedures. Some of these organizations euthanize, and others do not.

This distinction is important for two reasons. The first is that no organization wants its reputation to rest on the assumption they are affiliated with another group when, in fact, they are not. Secondly, each organization relies on the donations of the residents of its community to survive. Without clear identification of an organization, many donations may not end up where the donor intended.

We are very grateful for the media coverage that our furry friends receive. We just want to be clear on who each of us are as organizations and what we do individually in our communities. Thank you for keeping the spotlight on the homeless pets of our community.

Joanne Schoch, executive director, Humane Society of the Nature Coast Inc.

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