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Dr. John acted in colonoscopy patient's best interest

Doctor okay to ignore patient | Dec. 16 article

Action was in best interest of patient

This is one of the most misleading articles I have ever read.

The patient consented for a colonoscopy with conscious sedation (anesthesia) with Dr. John. She was sedated for the procedure with two potent IV medications for sedation and pain, fentanyl and Versed. The procedure was carried out, IV access was lost, she complained of pain and asked to stop, and the procedure was completed.

Dr. John did what he thought was best for the patient by completing the procedure so that she wouldn't have to go through the preparation of drinking the laxatives and the procedure itself again.

Having performed hundreds of colonoscopies as a gastroenterologist, I know patients say things during the procedure under the influence of the sedatives and pain medications that they have no recollection of afterward. If a patient, under the influence of Versed and fentanyl, says to stop, are they saying this with complete alertness or are they impaired and not able to make that decision? People who receive these medications are not allowed to return to work or drive for 24 hours after the procedure because their judgment is impaired.

I believe Dr. John did what he thought was the right thing for her by trying to complete the procedure. He was not trying to hurt her.

I was surprised by the comments by board members Donald Mullins and Onelia Lage, mostly because neither of them are qualified to make any judgment regarding a case involving a patient undergoing colonoscopy. Mr. Mullins has no medical training or formal education in colonoscopy or any other field of medicine for his judgment to carry any weight. Dr. Lage is a pediatrician and does not perform procedures with conscious sedation. Would a tax attorney's opinion about an old trial case be of any value in determining whether the trial attorney made a mistake? Of course not.

I think it is sad that a physician's good reputation can be tarnished by a single accusation under the influence of IV sedatives and pain medicines, and how the media would print an article with a headline so misleading, and content that portrayed Dr. John as uncaring and cold.

Dr. John is the most dedicated and hardest-working physician I have ever met. He works 80 to 90 hours per week at the age of 66 when most doctors half his age are working half-days and playing golf. He has seen hundreds of patients and performed hundreds of colonoscopies at no charge when patients cannot afford it, he has put many young people through nursing school and medical school out of his own pocket with no expectation of ever getting paid back, and created a charity for his home of Kerala, India, with 100 percent of collections going toward the poor and uneducated. Of course he is too humble to tell anyone about this. I know because he is my father.

Thomas John, Zephyrhills

Storm shelter will attract homeless

There was a picture of Sen. Mike Fasano in the Times and he was smiling like a crocodile. No wonder — he just opened a new $7.5 million building with his name on it. This structure was erected to withstand 190 mph winds.

When there are no emergency situations the building will be a clinic for the low-income or uninsured. Low income and uninsured equates to homeless. Hundreds of homeless live in and around Hudson in the woods. There is a lot of undeveloped property around the new shelter where they can live and be close to the clinic.

How would you like to show up at the hurricane shelter and find 1,000 nonworking, non-taxpaying people waiting to ride out the storm? Energy and maintenance alone will be $75,000 a year. Guess who picks up that tab?

Sen. Fasano, I hope these folks are registered voters. I am and I use my vote. Remember ,"If you build it, they will come.''

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

Not enough room in storm shelter

There is a hurricane in my district; I need to find a shelter quickly. Hey, there is a new one somewhere in Hudson. Let's see, what bus goes there? Or train? Maybe, I will need a cab.

It holds 1,000 people. So, what happens to all the others who may need shelter? Oh, well, at least the senator got his name on a building. That will make a great memorial.

D.G. Murray, New Port Richey

Rate-a-Cop | Dec. 14 Tampa Bay article

What was motive of sheriff's critic?

I am troubled by the article blasting Pasco Sheriff Bob White. How can you print such a vile accusation with no proof of name? This is character assassination.

The person could have unknown motives and this has no place in a great newspaper.

Robert DeWilde, Holiday

Friends of NRA event was success

I would like to thank all of the people who attended our annual Friends of NRA event in Pasco County. Our event drew over 350 people, which was the largest number of people ever to attend a FNRA fundraiser and dinner in Pasco County. In particular a special thanks to Jeff Atwater, president of the Florida Senate, and former Speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio.

The Friends of NRA Program is a volunteer program that fosters community involvement and returns 100 percent of the net proceeds to qualified local, state and national firearm-related programs; 50 percent goes to the NRA Foundation to be used on national firearm projects and the other 50 percent remains in the state where the money is raised and is used to support local firearm-related programs.

Grants are normally awarded to qualified organizations to purchase equipment, fund shooting teams, improve safety at shooting ranges, and provide education and safety programs and materials for young adults, women, and seniors who are interested in firearm training.

I would like to thank the West Pasco FNRA Committee, Mike and April Jones of Ol' Time Gun Shop in Hudson, Bill Bunting for his guidance and Gary Joiner and his crew for a great dinner.

Charlie Amaral, FNRA chairman of West Pasco County

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