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Drivers, let's practice etiquette

Drivers, let's all practice etiquette

There once was a time when we drivers had a mutual respect for the other drivers on the road regardless if it was a motorcycle, truck, car or even scooters. We not only had a mutual respect for one another but we also followed the unwritten rules of the road called driver etiquette.

I believe driver etiquette, if followed, would eliminate road rage as well as a lot of the accidents that happen due to not following the laws of the road and ignoring simple etiquette that all drivers (young and old) used to follow. Here are some examples:

Keep right except to pass. If conditions warrant then all drivers should travel in the right or center lanes except when passing another vehicle. Nothing upsets a fellow driver more than when three cars are riding side by side down U.S. 19 doing the same exact speed. That left lane should only be used to pass or when making a left turn. If you're driving the same speed as the car next to you, then move over.

Don't tailgate. We all know the law says not to tailgate but we are all guilty of it now and then. We tailgate because of people who don't keep to the right. But there are also those who are in a hurry. If you are in a hurry then maybe you should leave a few minutes earlier. Tailgating is not only illegal but it is a major cause of road rage. Respect the driver in front of you.

Motorcycles. We always hear that we in cars need to look out for motorcycle riders. I agree, but I also agree that they also have the responsibility to look out for us. A lot of motorcyclists insist on weaving in and out of traffic.

Follow the written laws of driving and you will eliminate the fines you will get and save some money. Don't complain about the red-light cameras. Follow the law and you won't have any issues with them.

Follow the unwritten etiquette rules and both you and the driver next to you will have a newfound respect for each other.

Joe Everhart, Port Richey

Hiring unemployed helps economy | July 21 guest column

Republicans aren't to blame

The guest columnist demonstrated a misconception of the view the Republicans represent related to unemployment. There are not just Democratic individuals unemployed. There are Republicans as well as independents who are unemployed. Her statement "The Republicans hate us so much" is untrue and unfounded.

Our representatives are doing what we need them to do protect us from ourselves. We can't spend what we don't have. If we want to continue the unemployment payments we can't be spending in other areas.

The only way out of this economic crisis is to develop jobs. The individuals who are unemployed also have to look at training opportunities for the jobs that will be developed or expanded in the future economic work force.

Regina Mirabella, Hudson

Bravo, Fasano, for conduct in capital

It's a brand-new day. A pretty day. The sun shines on tar balls and glistens on oil slicks as both houses of the Florida Legislature vote to send themselves home. Lovely!

The voice of the people has been as silenced as the numbers of barrels of oil that are pouring and the numbers of dead and dying seabirds and mammals and fish. The will of the people is as invisible as the truth surrounding the Deepwater Horizon rig.

State Sen. Mike Fasano remembered why he was in the capital. Sen. Fasano knew that his vote to let the people speak is what his job is all about. Sen. Fasano stood tall among many as he spoke on behalf of the people who long for honest representation. He remembered why we have a Constitution and how very precious our Constitution is.

We the people need to pay attention. Our jobs, our tourist industry, our schools and our future are not some political game.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

2-mile school bus cutoff is a travesty

I recently enrolled my two children, ages 5 and 8, in a Pasco County school. I was promptly told that because we live within a 2-mile radius of the school, bus transportation will not be provided.

This is an attempt to cut corners and pass the cost on to the parent. I have to pay close to $100 in school supplies for things like dry eraser markers, eight reams of copy paper, tissues, Ziploc plastic bags, 15 glue sticks and baby wipes just to make up for the lack of supply budget and for parents who cannot afford school supplies.

As a single mother it is a travesty to not only have to pay for the group school supplies but now to have to worry about getting my children to and from school, while trying to work! If a parent cannot afford before- or after-school care and they have to be at work, then I guess they are out of luck.

Vicky Fontaine, Trinity

Editor's note: State law defines which students can receive public school transportation services. Elementary school children living within 2 miles of their school are generally ineligible unless hazardous walking conditions exist.

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