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Dropping sinkhole coverage was a big mistake

Sinkhole coverage is not for everyone | Nov. 4 letter

Don't drop your sinkhole coverage

I am not an insurance agent. I am an unfortunate homeowner who declined sinkhole coverage last year and now finds myself literally on the edge of financial disaster.

My husband and I purchased a villa four years ago hoping to retire here in Florida once our kids finished school up North. It is one of six units in a single building. We share walls and yards with our neighbors and our driveways are side by side.

In early September I received a phone call in Chicago with information that my neighbor's driveway and front yard had been lost to a huge sinkhole. I carried sinkhole insurance for three years, but after listening to some bad advice (not from my insurance agent), I dropped my sinkhole coverage. I was told my homeowners policy covered catastrophic ground collapse and in the event of a sinkhole, I would be covered.

Not true. There are very specific criteria that must be met to be covered under the catastrophic ground collapse provision. I strongly encourage everyone homeowner to review their policy. Our Citizens policy stated we needed to meet all four criteria and we did not meet even one under its rules.

The bottom line is I am not covered and I cannot make a claim for damages even though I share a common wall and driveway with the property experiencing the massive sinkhole damage.

I now agonize over what is to become of our villa, our life savings and our future here in Florida. Repairs that I will need to make out of my own pocket will total thousands of dollars more than the cost of yearly sinkhole coverage.

Lynn Johnson, Naperville, Ill.

Hudson High unfairly depicted

To those parents who refuse to send their children to Hudson High School, I am a former faculty member of Hudson High and I find it hard to believe that River Ridge High School is far superior in its approach to teaching and the caliber of its faculty.

The recent tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas, brought to mind a former student who graduated in 1979. A graduate of West Point, he is now serving at Fort Hood as deputy commander and is soon to be brigadier general.

Col. John Rossi is one of many graduating students from Hudson High who have left a legacy of excellence.

Grace Musto, Port Richey

Bring our taxes down, not up

I wish Commissioner Ann Hildebrand an all the politicians and people who are in the position of controlling our tax money would take less time on finding ways to tax us more and take more time on finding ways to tax us less.

All I read about is how our politicians want this or that for us and we will get the money from that or that new tax. How about spending more time on figuring out how to lower our taxes, have government be more productive and getting our overhead down throughout Pasco government?

Does any politician really understand what's going on with the people in Pasco who don't have steady paychecks, health insurance and expense accounts? I doubt it.

People who are self-employed, like myself, have to watch every penny that passes through our hands. I hope our elected officials do the same.

Bob Clark, Port Richey

Drive carefully and tag animals

I was driving down Moon Lake Road just before 6:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 12, when the driver in front of me and hit a dog, killing it.

The driver was not speeding and could have stopped. Had the person looked in the mirror, he or she would have seen that I stopped along with another man. The driver had to knew he or she hit something. I heard the thump. What if it was a person? Would the driver still have kept on going?

It was a female pit bull, tan in color and an average size. I do not think she suffered. Where was her collar so we could have contacted the owner? How about her tags? Is she missed at all?

To all pet owners, please put a collar and ID on your dog.

Patricia Geanuracos, Hudson

Veteran shares story with kids

I was invited to the New River Elementary school for a Veterans Day recognition celebration. I was to tell my story of Vietnam and the experiences I went through during this time.

I showed home movies of my fellow troops and the surrounding areas — in and out of helicopters, landing zones, bunkers, and everyday life in the land of green T-shirts. This proved to be very eye-opening to the fifth-graders who viewed the presentation.

I was extremely happy to answer all questions to the best of my ability on a level that everyone could understand. The questions were pointed and asked by children that seemed to have more feelings and years than represented by their faces.

I was proud and felt honored to be requested to give my story for Veterans Day. For an aging Vietnam vet, emotions run deep and love for our country remains unbending. The times we live in are worrisome and scary. Go to a school and relate to our future leaders and come away with a new feeling of hope.

I believe our schools need all the accolades that can be given. I wish to thank New River Elementary and all those involved with this wonderful event and hopefully this will become an annual affair for all Pasco schools.

Stewart Shook, Lutz

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