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Early voting went smoothly in Pasco

Early voting went off without a hitch

As a volunteer election worker I want to thank the people of Pasco County for turning out in record numbers to early vote. You waited on long lines but you always had a smile and a thank you as we processed you in the system.

I think a word of praise is due to Brian Corley, the supervisor of elections for providing a trained staff and a helpful service to Pasco.

Maybe the media should look to Pasco County to see how Florida really runs an election. Stop focusing on the negative and see the positive.

Thanks Pasco for making me proud to live in this county.

Joan Shapiro, Hudson

Supporters cost candidate a vote

When I went to vote in Forest Hills Tuesday I had to practically beat off an obnoxious young couple in front of the polling place who were loudly campaigning for Carl Zimmerman for state representative.

I had planned to vote for Zimmerman but, needless to say, I couldn't wait to cast my vote for Peter Nehr.

I can't imagine how many votes these two cost Mr. Zimmerman. If he had such people at all polling places I could see him cutting his vote total by 5 percent or more.

Pete Wilford, Holiday

Money could help county's schools

If Pasco County and Florida officials have $14.5-million to give away to attract a multibillion-dollar financial conglomerate such as T Rowe Price to Pasco County, then why not instead infuse these millions into the ailing school system so that the dedicated and hard-working teachers and support workers can have the raises and benefits they have earned and deserve?

The article states that attracting this company will create 1,215 new jobs in Pasco. With the unemployment rate as high as it is, this sounds enticing. However, these jobs will not appear until 2012.

What about the thousands of school district employees worrying about losing their jobs now due to the shortcoming in the budget? Wouldn't those millions of dollars be better spent saving our school system from chaos?

The powers that be in Pasco County and Florida in general need to get their heads out of the clouds and get their priorities straight.

Paul Suriano, Port Richey

Editor's note: Pasco's share of the incentive package comes from county property tax dollars and fees, not Pasco School District property taxes.

They just haven't noticed the need

I read that one of the Pasco nudist resorts wants its own voting precinct. The reporter notes that there is no state statute prohibiting nude voting.

Not yet.

Wait until the folks who like to mix their religion with our government, those for whom your business is their business and those who have a preoccupation with sex and sexual preference find out about this missing statute!

J.R. Padgett, Riverview

Early voting went smoothly in Pasco 11/04/08 [Last modified: Friday, November 7, 2008 12:49pm]
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